FlyTampa Update Hong Kong Kai Tak To Version 2

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In a recent Facebook post, FlyTampa announced that they have updated their Hong Kong – Kai Tak scenery to version 2, which brings the scenery up to scratch with current P3Dv4 compatible release from them.

In the post, FlyTampa included a list comprising all the new additions to the product. The update is free for existing users and can be downloaded here.

  • Added SODE Jetways
  • Added Safegates
  • Completely Recompiled Using P3Dv4 SDK
  • Improves Loading Times
  • Updated Ground Polygons Using ZBias Method
  • Updated Ground Pavement Textures
  • Updated Ground Markings
  • Updated IGS 13 Lighting/Halos
  • Added 3D Grass
  • Added Rain/ West FX
  • Added Dynamic Lighting
  • Added ‘Low-Visibility’ Airport Lighting Option
  • Added Static GA Aircraft
  • Added 3D Animated Ground Crew
  • Updated Night Textures

FlyTampa’s Kai Tak is still available on their website for $31.oo USD.

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Matthew McColl

The author Matthew McColl

Matthew is from the U.K. and has just finished his last year in college, studying mathematics, chemistry and physics. An avid plane spotter, he often visits Manchester Airport to take as many photographs and he can muster, as well as spending time at his local aerodrome (Manchester Barton). Being an aviation enthusiast, Matthew has been a part of the flight simming community for 7+ years.

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Like all of their updates to existing scenery products, existing users get them for free. Remarkable in that a lot of work has been done to improve pre-existing products for P3Dv4 and there has been no charge.

Massive improvement on sim load time for me with Kai Tak.

While this is nice surely their Amsterdam scenery is the priority?

Emilios has stated that a P3Dv4 native update for EHAM is next after KLAS is released.

Quote from FlyTampa’s FB page:

“KMDW, OMDB, CYUL are in development. More are planned.”

Question is: Will the updated OMDB have the missing new terminal and aprons?

And more than just a flight simulator scenery, I think this FlyTampa scenery is a historical record of one of the most memorable approaches and airports ever.

NO, no X-plane release. 🙁

We sometimes forget that we are lucky with updates like these, especially free. We should not complain!

I love the new LOWW and CYYZ. Can’t wait for a proper EHAM in P3D V4+ but I understand that such a big airport takes to much time while dealing with KLAS at this point.


Bought it too, it is such an amazing scenery one cannot pass up, especially with the discounted price! (On their official site)

And since there is currently a 25% discount on it, I couldnt pass it up. There are so few good S.E Asian airports for P3D V4, esoecially with such an amazing approach.

Wow! That is really cool, and much appreciated. Fly Tampa are certainly looking after their customers. Quite a coincidence for me too. I just installed Kai Tak yesterday. I had better uninstall and get the new version 😉 .


Yes this is a free update for existing users.