FlyTampa Releases Montreal V2 For Prepar3D V4


FlyTampa has updated their Montreal (CYUL) scenery to v2 which brings along many new features and Prepar3D v4 compatibility.

After Prepar3D version 4 went live back in 2017 many developers, including FlyTampa, have been working hard at getting their add-ons up to snuff with the new platform. FlyTampa has been slowly updating their scenery add-ons so they can utilize the features P3Dv4 offers such as the dynamic lighting and now with v4.4, PBR (Physically Based Rendering).

FlyTampa’s latest update to Montreal (CYUL) brings well over 100 new improvements. Included in these improvements in the new terminal expansion as well as new and updated taxiway markings and apron markings. FlyTampa has also added new PBR wet effects on the ground as well as PBR effects on the terminal windows. SODE Jetways have also been added, however, if you wish, you can still remain with the default Ctrl+J jetways. Also new to this scenery is the new terminal expansion on the main terminal building. This extends the end of the terminal on the west side to add several new gates.

FlyTampa Montreal v2 is now available for Prepar3D v4 for a price of $26.00 (Excl. VAT), however, if you already own a copy of the original Montreal add-on, you are entitled to an upgrade for just $9.00. To read the full post, please check out FlyTampa’s Facebook page.

A quick side note, FlyTampa has stated that “Vegas is coming very very very soon.


  • Completely re-compiled for Prepar3D Version4+
  • New Terminal Extension
  • New Taxiway Layout & Aprons
  • New Taxiway & Runway Textures
  • Specular & Normal maps on all Ground Overlays
  • Added new wet weather effect layer, puddles and snow.
  • PBR Wet Effect
  • PBR Terminal Windows
  • New Runway Lights. Automatically activate in Fog.
  • Replaced animated & static vehicles with improved models
  • Dynamic lighting
  • SODE & Ctrl J Jetways
  • SODE Windsocks
  • Basic Terminal Interiors
  • De-Icing Trucks
  • Animated People
  • Snow Drifts
  • LUA Seasons for automatic seasonal texture switching
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