FlyTampa, Flightbeam, FSDreamTeam and 29Palms Future Products to be P3D V4 Only

Launch V4 1

Over on the FSDreamTeam forums, it was announced that four major airport developers will only be developing for P3D V4 in the future. This being FlyTampa, Flightbeam, FSDreamTeam and 29Palms. This comes after Turbulent Designs also announced that their future development for P3D would only be on V4. The reasons behind these developers taking this decision is relatively unilateral. P3D V4 as many of you know, is 64bit software. Which opens up a huge number of doors to developers.

Since 2006, most developers have been developing on FSX and the former versions of P3D. Which are all limited by the underlying factor of 32bit software. The technology available 11 years ago was sufficient for the 4GB platforms. But as time has progressed, technology has dramatically advanced and these 32bit platforms have struggled to keep up and handle it. Developers, over the last few years have taken strongly into account the limitation of memory usage. This has lead to detail lacking in favour of performance. However, with the adoption of P3D V4 developers are no longer limited by performance and can now broaden the depth of their sceneries.

The limitations that have been seen by FSX have strongly hindered future product development. But with the adoption of P3D V4 only we will see an array of new features including dynamic lighting, creation of new SimObjects and more realistic ground models.

We’ve provided you with a brief summary of a long and detailed article posted by FSDreamTeam. It’s great to see more developers adopting P3D V4 only as it will show some strong advances in the depth and realism of sceneries to come. What are you thoughts?

Mungo Spencer

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Bad idea to limit themselves to just P3D They should be doing XPlane as well as keeping an open mind with FSW. Yes FSW will probably be a dead end. But, better to leave the door open as a future business opportunity then limit yourslef in the future. FSX is out no doubt about that