UPDATE: No Longer in Development – FlyTampa Developing Tokyo Haneda

UPDATE @ 1840z

So we got in contact with FlyTampa after the removal of their dot on the map and the lack of further information. Turns out that 2 other developers are also working on Haneda airport, so the team have decided it’s best to not continue with their work on that project.

WingCreation just announced their intentions to develop it, and a second unannounced developer is also working on it too. Apparently it’s a “high end developer” but our information doesn’t go beyond that I’m afraid.

Any further updates, we’ll let you know.

– Original Article –

It’s not often we see a new dot appear on FlyTampa’s expansive airport map. But a new one has arisen, it’s Tokyo’s Haneda airport. One of the two primary airports located within the Japanese capital of Tokyo. Handling 75 million passengers in 2015, providing an expansive route network with a variety of flights across the globe.

At this stage in time we do not know anything about the time scale of this scenery but we know it’s happening. Anymore news that arises we will of course make sure to report.

EDIT: The dot has now been removed, we are contacting the developers for more information.


  • DDC

    12th July 2017

    Finally a Japanese airport. Haneda would be quite unique as it is in downtown Tokyo as opposed to Narita which is the main international airport and in the rural area of Chiba. Haneda is primarily a domestic airport but is now offering more international flights.

  • Netherite

    12th July 2017

    I did see the spot before for RJTT now I can’t see it… Did they release info by accident? Or maybe a surprise like LGKR was?

    • Calum Martin

      12th July 2017

      We have emailed them to find out! 🙂 Very odd

  • Bob

    12th July 2017

    While its nice to have new airports I do hope they make some “rebooted” versions of their existing airports. I would love a Maarten Rebooted or Athens Rebooted – all with SODE jetways of course!

  • SK331

    12th July 2017

    The dot is gone, and now Wing Creation has announced a Haneda.
    Don’t fight, there are a lot of other awesome Japanese airports we are missing.

  • Mungo Spencer

    12th July 2017


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