FlyJSim Releases 732 Twinjet v3 Pro for X-Plane 11

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FlyJSim has recently announced the release of their newest aircraft, the “732 Twinjet v3”.  This variant includes JT8D-15A engines and an SP-77 autopilot.

They state that this is the perfect airliner for any type of pilot, so let me summarize why briefly!

If you’re a beginner, it’s great because it’s easy to fly, includes easy-to-use checklists, and the FMC is able to fly full RNAV procedures easily.

If you’re advanced, it’s great because you can navigate just like the real pilots who flew this plane – ground-based navigation, VOR-to-VOR, using DME, chasing ADF needles and the glidepath.

If you’re a veteran, the control wheel steering and unique aspects of the SP-77 autopilot are modelled very faithfully.  Additionally, the simulation includes a custom maintenance system with in-depth custom failures!

Here is a brief summary of some more great elements included in this package:

  • Custom replay system (now we just need someone to bring this to P3D as part of an aircraft add-on!)
  • True-to-Life Exterior, including wing flex!
  • Immersive interior – animations throughout the whole cockpit and a fully interactive, dynamically lit cabin and cockpit
  • Study level systems and dynamics
  • Comprehensive menu system
  • Custom maintenance and failure system
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Guaranteed to fully support Shared Flight Deck (coming soon)

You can purchase this great aircraft now for $69.95 USD in the X-Plane Store here.

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