FlyJSim – First Update of 2019 – Q4XP Details & More


X-Plane developers, FlyJSim has released their first statement of 2019 regarding current under-development projects. As announced late last year, their big focus right now is a new rendition of their Q400 which was originally released back in 2011. Since then, there have been countless improvements to the simulator and also their own development skill and knowledge.

The team have been very open with their development, having taken to Discord and Twitch to show off their on-going efforts. Right now, a lot of focus has gone into the modelling of the aircraft, and as the previews show, they have spent a great deal of time fine-tuning the smallest of details. According to the Facebook post, the team said that they have modelled the wheels down to the nearest millimetres. You can also see the PBR texture work that has been applied to the work-in-progress development.


In addition to the gear struts, the team shared preview renders of the Turboprop housing and also the APU outlet and tail. Both of them are detailed in high-quality modelling and texturing. The team are really pushing themselves with this project.

For those wondering what else was happening with their previous projects, the 732 Twinjet and the 727 Series V3, FlyJSim has said that with the release of 11.30, there has been a significant impact on the product with the new flight model. The team are asking that users do not touch the experimental flight model just yet with their aircraft. In the upcoming few weeks, the team will provide a few quality of life patches to the aircraft with some new features and performance tweaks here and there. No word yet on the changes coming.

Finally, the team also teased that there are some more things cooking up, but no details were mentioned on exactly what they were.

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