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FlyInside FS Receives Major VR Update

Announced over on their news section, the team at FlyInside has released a v0.5 update for their FlyInside Flight Simulator which overhauls the end user’s virtual reality experience. To accompany the update, a short trailer has been published to showcase what features the update introduces.

Version 0.5 introduces a comprehensive overhaul of VR controller interaction and makes it easier to more explicitly manipulate nearly every switch, button or dial within the cockpit. This overhaul also brings along the improved ability to use the yoke/stick with VR controllers making aircraft more intuitive and controllable. You can view the complete changelog towards the end of this article.

If you don’t own FlyInside FS, you can grab a hold of it on Steam as an Early Access product for a price of €30.99 (Incl. VAT). You can learn more about FlyInside FS and it’s requirements here.

v0.5.0.0 Changelog

  • Complete overhaul of VR controller interaction. Now super easy and accurate to manipulate nearly every switch in every cockpit
  • Overhaul of ability to grab and manipulate yoke/stick with VR controllers. More intuitive and controllable
  • Complete overhaul of VR controller menu interaction. Use laser-dot to activate all menu functions, more precise
  • Vive/WMR controllers can now have buttons and axis bound to sim functions
  • Vive/Touch controllers no longer “wobble” around as you look left and right
  • You can now land on buildings, crash into trees
  • Adds dialogue allowing automatic recentering of VR headset without a button binding
  • Buildings/plants no longer float in the sky
  • Adds new helicopter flight model supporting ground-effect, ETL, VRS, flap-back, transverse flow, auto-rotation, and more
  • Improves helicopter sound effects
  • Adds real-time Flight Dynamics Editor – Tweak aircraft flight behaviour while in the air
  • Adds option to turn yoke haptics on/off
  • Parking Brake no longer affects physics on skid-based aircraft
  • Oculus Home no longer opens unless you choose “Oculus” driver
  • Adds support for Helicopter Trim (uses same bindings as airplane trim)
  • Misc performance improvements, memory leak fixes
  • Adds aircraft part tooltips in VR, only for some aircraft currently
  • Window drop downs no longer clip off bottom of windows in VR
  • 737 VS auto-pilot display now functions
  • 407 collective animation no longer stops at half collective
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