FlyingIron Simulations Announces P-38 Lightning for X-Plane

FlyingIron P 38L 6

Aircraft developer FlyingIron Simulations, known for its recreation of WWII aircraft, has announced that their next project will be the Lockheed P-38L Lightning for X-Plane. 

The P-38 Lightning was built between 1941 and 1944 with a total of 10,000 of the type built. Nearly 4,000 of which were the ‘L’ variant which had more powerful 1600hp engine and could be fitted with zero-length rocket launchers, as well as strengthened fixed pylons for 900kg bombs. The Lightning was famous for its strange design structure, having twin booms and a central nacelle containing armament and a single pilot giving it strange names such as the ‘fork-tailed devil’ by the Luftwaffe and ‘two planes, one pilot’ by the Japanese.

FlyingIron Simulations has been working on the development for many months now and has mentioned that the aim is to get the P-38 released by the end of May. The user manual will be available a little earlier than the aircraft, for users to get to grips with the operations prior to release. The developer has detailed some of the features of the aircraft such as an extensively detailed and accurate 3D model with high-resolution texture work aided by photogrammetry, FMOD sounds taken from a real P-38 Allison V-1710 engine as well as a multitude of systems and weaponry recreated to bring the aircraft to life within X-Plane.

Although moving closer to release, the feature list is, of course, subject to change. The team would like to implement additional items such as an enhanced thermodynamic model and engine wear or damage. These items are currently on the wishlist and may or may not make it into the final release. If you would like to read the full post from Dan and Alex from FlyingIron Simulations, you can do so over on the X-Plane Forums. Although there has been no comment with regards to pricing, FlyingIron Simulations are currently running a Stay-At-Home sale on all their current products with 20% off.

Feature List

  • High-quality, extensively detailed and accurate 3D model
  • Ultra-realistic, high-res texture work (built with the aid of photogrammetry)
  • Immersive FMOD sound design built from professional recordings of a real P-38 and Allison V-1710
  • Detailed & extensive simulations of the Lightning’s core systems (including fuel, hydraulic and cooling systems)
  • Incredibly realistic flight model made possible with carefully data-matched simulations of the NACA 23016 & NACA 4412 Airfoils
  • Realistic engine start-up modelling
  • Realistic external tanks integration
  • Fitted with 4 x .50 Cal nose guns and a 20mm nose gun by default, and also compatible with X-planes weapons systems
  • Inclusion of static/ground elements (chocks, tiedown, GPU)
  • 3D Garmin 530 GPS fully integrated into the cockpit (optional)
  • Modern radio / transponder unit
  • AviTab integration
  • Inclusion of FlyingIrons UI tablet (includes settings, weight and balance, Avitab, GPS and radio, ground servicing)
  • VR Ready
  • Detailed user manual & checklists
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