FlyByWire Simulations Updates A32NX to v0.4.0 for MSFS

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Gathering of developers FlyByWire Simulations has posted a new update to their improvement of the default Microsoft Flight Simulator A320Neo to version 0.4.0. As you will see below, the change log is impressive. This is due to a combination of dedicated team and the fact that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the default A320NEO. The work in progress is coordinated through Github, where you can find an explicit list on work in progress features. The team is helped by many real world A320NEO pilots who are able to provide cross-referenced feedback to the developers.

The ECAM and CDU have received the most noticeable changes, with the addition of a cockpit door video function and the overhaul of the INIT pages of the CDU. Sounds have also been improved with the addition of 3D emitters for all sound for a better immersion and the noticeable addition of new startup sounds. A cockpit re texture is also in progress, with changes introduced in each new version.

This promising mod for the default MSFS A320NEO is available for free from the FlyByWire Simulations website. Make sure to stick around FSElite as each new version of this mod brings a load of new features.

New Features

  • [CDU] Add “Closest Airports” page – @lhoenig (Lukas Hoenig)
  • [CDU] Add approach waypoints to DCT page – @lengyc0208 (lyc)
  • [CDU] Add IRS INIT page – @Externoak (Externo)
  • [CHECKLISTS] Added several situations from QRH to checklists – @FBI#7771
  • [DCDU] Add basic functionality and display – @Benjozork (Benjamin Dupont)
  • [ECAM] Added cockpit door video – @Benjozork (Benjamin Dupont)
  • [ECAM] Added engine FADEC power supply logic – @tyler58546 (tyler58546)
  • [ECAM] Added messages related to anti-skid / N.W. steering being off – @Benjozork (Benjamin Dupont)
  • [ECAM] Added spoiler functionality to ECAM page – @wpine215 (Iceman)
  • [GPWS] Added Pull Up, Sink Rate, Dont sink GPWS with default sounds – @oliverpope03 (Oliver Pope)
  • [LIVERY] Bundle the FlyByWire livery – @devsnek (devsnek)
  • [ND] Added WX/TERR on ND brightness knob, fix ND/PFD brightness tooltips – @lukecologne (luke)
  • [OVHD] Implement additional overhead button/switch functionality (EMER ELEC, EVAC, air data switching, etc.) – @wpine215 (Iceman)
  • [OVHD] Implemented missing functionality for multiple overhead buttons and switches – @wpine215 (Iceman)
  • [PFD] Added the ability to display metric altitudes – @lousybyte (lousybyte)
  • [SAI] Added brightness adjustment and attitude reset – @2hwk (2Cas#1022 on discord)
  • [SAI] Added bugs page – @2hwk (2Cas#1022 on discord)
  • [SOUND] Added 3D emitters for all sounds – @hotshotp (Boris)
  • [SOUND] Added new sounds for fuel pumps, flaps, ground roll and rattles, touchdowns, and wind – @hotshotp (Boris)
  • [SOUND] Added new startup sounds – @hotshotp (Boris)
  • [SOUND] Added sounds for EVAC horn, EMER cabin call, mech horn, gear extend/retract, and cargo door – @hotshotp (Boris)
  • [MISC] Separated Captain and F/O displays – @tyler58546 (tyler58546)
  • [MISC] New custom display font for PFD/ND/ECAM/MCDU, unified CSS and colours of ECAM pages – @wpine215 (Iceman)


  • [CDU] Improved the VERT REV page – @lousybyte (lousybyte)
  • [CDU] Revised INIT A & B Page – @Lucky38i (Lucky38i)
  • [CDU] Revised blue, green and amber colours on CDU – @Lucky38i (Lucky38i)
  • [CDU] Updated HOLD Page to honeywell spec, PLAN page updated to show holds – @sepiroth887 (sepiroth887)
  • [ECAM] Improved APU ECAM visuals – @wpine215 (Iceman)
  • [ECAM] Improved BLEED ECAM page visuals and functionality – @nikotina91
  • [ECAM] Improved FUEL ECAM page visuals and corrected center pump inconsistency – @wpine215 (Iceman)
  • [ECAM] Improved ENGINE ECAM page – @lousybyte (lousybyte)
  • [ECAM] Overhauled WHEEL ECAM page – @Benjozork (Benjamin Dupont)
  • [ECAM] Improved ELAC/SEC warning colour – @wpine215 (Iceman)
  • [ND] Change ND sizing – @NathanInnes (Nathan Innes)
  • [PFD] Adjust vertical Flight Director offset – @veikkos (Veikko Soininen)
  • [PFD] Correct PFD attitude indicator onground/inflight – @MMontalto (PiCcy)
  • [LIGHTS] Improved Strobe, Nav and beacon lights – @lukecologne (lukecologne)
  • [SYSTEMS] Pitot heating should now be active while engines are running – @lousybyte (lousybyte)


  • [CDU] Fixed certain STARs not showing on arrivals page – @tyler58546 (tyler58546)
  • [CDU] Follow green dot speed on approach with flaps clean – @veikkos (Veikko Soininen)
  • [ECAM] Fixed ECAM wheel page being selected before all gears are downlocked – @lukecologne (luke)
  • [ECAM] Made open doors on DOOR/OXY page amber instead of green – @Benjozork (Benjamin Dupont)
  • [FCU] Fixed incrementing the QNH while in hPa mode – @lousybyte (lousybyte)
  • [LIGHTS] Fixed DIM/BRT Lights inside the cockpit – Overhead should now be visible – @Snapmatics (Harry)
  • [OVHD] Fixed battery indicator colour – @NathanInnes (Nathan Innes)
  • [OVHD] Made AIR COND knobs continuous – @Benjozork (Benjamin Dupont)
  • [PFD] Fix Radio altimeter only updating every second – @lukecologne (luke)
  • [PFD] Fixed FD bars appearing on PFD when on the ground – @Curtis-VL (Curtis)
  • [ND] Fixed cyan heading bug not showing on ND in VOR and LS modes – @AdenFlorian (David Valachovic)
  • [ND] Hide the aircraft indicator in PLAN mode while ADIRS are not aligned – @lousybyte (lousybyte)
  • [TEXTURES] Changed overhead panel texture (decals, colour, detail) – @Pleasure0102 (Pleasure)
  • [TEXTURES] Changed colour of FD Panel – @Pleasure0102 (Pleasure)
  • [TEXTURES] Changed texture of glareshield and added details – @Pleasure0102 (Pleasure)
  • [TEXTURES] Fixed Speed Plaque and cleaned up texture on cockpit, some colour corrections and more decals – @Pleasure0102 (Pleasure)
  • [TEXTURES] Higher resoloution main panel, fixed glareshield texture error – @Pleasure0102 (Pleasure)
  • [SAI] Fixed font and behaviour on power loss – @2hwk (2Cas#1022 on discord)
  • [SAI] Standby Instrument stays ON if emergency power should be available, other bug fixes – @2hwk (2Cas#1022 on discord)
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