FlyByWire Simulations Updates A32NX to V.0.5.0 for MSFS

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Following recent teasing, FlyByWire Simulations has taken to Facebook, indicating to community followers the release of their latest stable update to their Airbus A320Neo modification for MSFS.

The recent update brings the Airbus mod up to version 0.5.0 and, according to the detailed changelogfeatures an extensive 165 modifications or additions to the previously existing version of the airplane.

Some of the main features introduced with this version of the plane include Simbrief integration, a functioning Air Traffic Service Unit (ATSU), an MCDU Option page, reworked flight dynamics, extensively overhauled internal and external sounds, as well as improved interior and exterior lighting.

The development team indicated that although users were keenly awaiting the introduction of additional features with this update, including the addition of both a custom created electrical and hydraulic system, as well as the introduction of a custom made fly-by-wire system, the addition of said features had to be post-phoned in-light of MSFS SDK insufficiencies. However, for those not minding a few bugs, the team provided interested users with a link to download a version of the A32NX mod featuring part of the new experimental fly-by-wire system.

The new stable version of the Airbus A32NX mod by FlyByWire Simulations can be downloaded via the FlyByWire Simulations download page.

Those interested in the new experimental fly-by-wire system can download the latest version of the A32NX featuring said system via the link provided in their most recent Facebook announcement. Community members should be aware, however, that this version might contain some bugs.

New Features

  • [AUTOPILOT] Added fully managed GO-AROUND implemented as well as correct FD’s for hand-flying the GO-AROUND
  • [CDU] Added CFDS display test, ATSU METAR/TAF/ATIS requests, and ATSU free text
  • [CDU] Added Performance Page CI functionality
  • [CDU] Added Progress Page CRZ FL functionality and logic
  • [CDU] Added Init B page only available until engine start
  • [CDU] Added MCDU page id system
  • [CDU] Added Progress Page REC MAX FL functionality and dummy OPT
  • [CDU] Added actual VLS and VApp calculation
  • [CDU] Added basic airways support
  • [CDU] Added correct UI behavior and colors for airways page
  • [CDU] Added ability to clear MDA/DH, add input logic for both MDA/DH
  • [CDU] Added fully working GO-AROUND Page
  • [CDU] Added V1/VR/V2 logic and disagree message, fixed V1/VR/V2 minimum range
  • [CDU] Added TYPE I and TYPE II message types and handling
  • [CDU] Added constraints symbols logic to flight plan
  • [CDU] Added Airway Page airway to airway insert option
  • [CDU] Added Soft GA Logic
  • [CDU] Added PERF W&B page allowing to Refuel and change Payload from the MCDU
  • [ECAM] Added FADEC power logic to thrust rating mode and value
  • [ECAM] Added thrust rating mode indication and logic
  • [ECAM] Added ECAM ALL button functionality
  • [ECAM] Added T.O message category to upper ECAM
  • [ECAM] Added CABIN PRESS page
  • [ECAM] Added ELEC page
  • [ECAM] Added COND page
  • [ECAM] Added proper FWC flight phases
  • [ECAM] Added G LOAD indication to lower ECAM
  • [ECAM] Added icing-related ECAM warnings and memos
  • [ECAM] Added PACKS/NAI/WAI text indicator on upper ECAM
  • [GPWS] Added minimums and 100above logic
  • [LIGHTS] Added Flood Lights
  • [LIGHTS] Added Reading Lights
  • [ND] Added altitude constraints in flight level based on the transition altitude provided in MCDU Take Off Performance
  • [ND] Added altitude constraint symbol and fix constraint circle color
  • [ND] Added heading line to ARC and NAV map mode
  • [PFD] Added independent calculations for GD, Vls, Vaprot, Vamax, Vs
  • [PFD] Added proper altitude constrain visuals
  • [PFD] Added proper selected and managed speed indication
  • [PFD] Added V1 indication
  • [PFD] Added VR indication
  • [PFD] Added proper speed bug behaviour when outside range (approach phase)
  • [PFD] Added actual F and S speed calculation for approach
  • [PFD] Added FMAs ALT CST and ALT CST* as well as CLB magenta and DES or CLB blue
  • [PFD] Added QNH flashing when reach transition altitude
  • [SOUND] Added new APU start contactor sounds
  • [SOUND] Added new realistic LEAP-1A engine sounds
  • [SOUND] Added new heavy turbulence sounds different in cabin and cockpit
  • [SYSTEMS] Added GO-AROUND flight phase
  • [SYSTEMS] Added first iteration of TCAS
  • [TEXTURES] Added Registry plaque and improved textures
  • [MISC] Added de-synced the wiper animations
  • [MISC] Added INIT BARO option, INHG/HPA/AUTO
  • [MISC] Added option to switch between KG and LBS
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