Flybywire Simulations A32NX Updated to Version 0.5.1

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Following on from the recently released update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the team at Flybywire Simulations has issued a quick patch to ensure it is fully compatible with the latest build. Version 0.51 has fixed multiple issues including with the APU, the engine start, flaps and also some minor issues with SimBrief integration.

Along with the update to ensure compatibility with the new simulator build, there has been other enhancements to the freeware mod for the default A320neo in Microsoft Flight Simulator. For example, the SimBrief integration now allows you user ID, as well as usernames and the OFP data, will override past data allowing pilots to now fly multiple legs without reloading the plane. Other changes include an improvement to the PACKS, the flap indicator and also for the auto brake disengaging when on the ground. The full list of changes with version 0.5.1 can be found down below.

To get the latest build of the Flybywire Simulations A32NX mod, you can download the installer via their Git.

Version 0.5.0 was released just a few days ago and added a range of improvements and changes to the default A320neo in the simulator. You can read more about that extensive update here.


  • [CDU] Allow SimBrief user IDs as well as usernames – @pareil6 (pareil6)
  • [CDU] Allow SimBrief OFP to override previous flight plan (allows multiple turnarounds) – @pareil6 (pareil6)
  • [CDU] Fix incorrect block time display on INIT/REVIEW – @pareil6 (pareil6)
  • [CDU] Improve visuals of CDU Pages – @MisterChocker (Leon)
  • [CDU] Improve ascent constraint algorithm – @MisterChocker (Leon)
  • [CDU] Fix FPLN airways showing as undefined – @pareil6 – (pareil6)
  • [FUEL] Fix fuel system valve/pump indices – @Benjozork (Benjamin Dupont)
  • [ECAM] Improve PACKS indication – @MisterChocker (Leon)
  • [ECAM] Fix flap indicator – @lukecologne (luke)
  • [AUTOBRAKES] Fix max autobrake disengaging on the ground – @pareil6 (pareil6)
  • [MODEL] Incorporate new Asobo model changes – @pepperoni505 (pepperoni505)
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