FlyByWire Simulations A32NX Installer, Virtual Printer and More

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The team at FlyByWire Simulations has continued to make headway with their A32NX modification and has been updating their Facebook page with some of the new features currently in development. This includes a brand new virtual printer, reworked radios, a new dynamic sound pack, improvements to the engine modelling and also a brand new installer to make it even easier for people to get the aircraft modification in their simulator.

Many of the new features shown off through their Facebook page are still very much a work in progress but highlights the collaborative effort the team are going through to make this modification even better for the community.

The first preview is that for the new dynamic sound engine being developed for the aircraft add-on. This will create an immersive 3D sound environment for the aircraft and improving how you hear sounds throughout the plane.

Another requested feature is to be able to have a virtual print out of information coming from the MCDU. This particular example showcases an AOC message coming through the virtual printer.

Communication is an important element of flying and with the recent updates to the simulator itself, FlyByWire is now able to improve the radio management panel. This will now feature full support for a working COM2.


One of the biggest improvements coming to the aircraft modification in the future is related to the engine modelling. As seen in the video below, an upcoming update will mean takeoff rolls can be conducted without any N1 spikes. The video demonstrates how smooth and accurate the new thrust settings are in the simulator.

Finally, FlyByWire Simulations has released a new installer module which makes adding the aircraft to your simulator even easier. The new installer enables you to easily view version history, switch between mainline and experimental versions, and also paves way for the installation of the upcoming A380X product being developed by the team.

You can download the FlyByWire Simulations installer right now from their website.

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