Fly The Maddog X Small Update To 1.5b506

2018 3 11 9 17 15 658

Leonardo Software has released a small update to their popular MD-80 series addon. The update has nothing major but will again improve the aircraft in small touches. The most noticeable change here is the LOC and ILS capture that has been totally rewritten from scratch. The team is currently working on the shared cockpit function as the next major feature, as previously announced.


  • Fixed several aircraft systems
  • Fine tuning of PBR materials in VC;
  • Added new IPC ‘md_ipc_trim’ lvar;
  • Added PMS flaps speed protection;
  • Fixed APU door timing;
  • LOC/ILS CAP algorithm rewritten from scratch.

If you do not own it already, The Fly The Maddog X Software can be bought exclusively on Simmarket for €80 for the base pack, and for €25 for the MD-83/88 expansion. Be aware that Leonardo Software has stopped updating the 32 bits version of their MD-80 and that an upgrade price of €23 is available for those who wish to upgrade to the 64 bits version.

You can read FSElite review of the Fly The Maddog X MD-80 here. The aircraft has been constantly updated and made even better since the review was written and is today considered one of the best aircraft add-on for Prepar3D.

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