Fly Design EPKK Krakow-Balice Released


Fly Design has released John Paul II Krakow-Balice International Airport for P3Dv4



Krakow Airport (EPKK) is the largest regional airport and 2nd international airport in Poland, serving several airlines. The area that this airport operates covers the majority of south-eastern Poland where the population is close to 8 million within 100km of the airport. EPKK is fully equipped with ILS, NDB, and DVOR navigation equipment. For runway 25, an ALPA-ATA (Air Line Pilots Association and Air Transport Association) CAT. II approach lighting system with flashing lights installed. Runway 07 is a different story all together. There is just simply an IDMAN approach system. The airport apron equals 90000 m2 and currently provides space for a wide variety of aircraft.


The scenery itself, has full coverage with custom buildings and all known landmarks that are part of the area. It also includes the new terminal and tower along with the military apron “8th Airlift Base”. Along with this area, Fly Design included a static B738 Republic of Poland aircraft, B787 Polish Airlines Dreamliner, CASA C-295M Police Air Force and an F-16 Polish Airport.


Fly Design has stated that they will continue to expand this airport until 2021. If you wish to pick up John Paul II Krakow-Balice International Airport for P3Dv4, visit the Fly Design website to pick up EPKK for 20 Euros. Please note, this is for P3Dv4 only.

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