FlightSimLabs Releases A321-X

After many years of development, FlightSimLabs has released their long-awaited A321-X. The A321 is the largest of the A320 family of aircraft with an increase in MTOW, extended-range (thanks to the ability to add additional fuel tanks), but all with the familiarity of the Airbus A320 cockpit layout. A popular choice amongst airliners due to its versatility, seating capacity and range.

FlightSimLabs have spared no expense in providing a truly immersive aircraft by adding in a range of features.

As mentioned before, the aircraft will feature a new CPDLC (Controller Pilot Datalink Communications), which enables you to interact with live ATC. Using the Hoppie ACARS network, the system will allow you to request a change in altitude, speed, or routing as well as the ability to reply to numerous communications when on the VATSIM network. A new DCDU model is also added to complete these tasks.

With the A321-X, the fuel system has been completely reworked to now offer the differences in which the real-world aircraft has compared to others in the A32X family. The new A321-X can transfer fuel from center tanks using jet-pumps and users can add additional center tanks giving a maximum fuel capacity of over 23 tonnes. The additional fuel tanks mean there is a complex system of valves modelled inside the aircraft enabling pilots to fly up to 7 hours in the narrow-body jet.

The A321-X will also feature both engine types. The IAE 2533-AS and the CFM56-5-B3, are capable of powering the aircraft with 33,000 pounds of thrust, giving you plenty of power for the MTOW of 93.5 tonnes.

There are a range of features that came forward from the previous A320-X and A319-X series, such as highly detailed systems, electricals and a much more. Rain shield effects and icing effects are also included.

You will need to own the A320-X base package before you can install the A321-X. The current price of the A321-X is $59.99, discounted from $69.99 USD. You can buy it now from the website.

You will need to have the just-released update for the A320-X and A319-X. Details here.

You can read the announcement forum post here.

Unique Features:

  • High detail modeling with full PBR textures on the external model.
  • The first aircraft title featuring CPDLC allowing users the unique opportunity to interact with ATC via datalink communications.
  • A unique to the A321 fuel system without outer wing tanks found in other A32X variants, plus optional additional center tanks (ACTs) allowing a total fuel capacity of 23,770kg and increasing flight time by up to 7 hours.
  • 60 additional flight warning computer sheets of logic specifically for the A321-X variant.
  • A new high-definition takeoff performance system generating precise performance features for a given takeoff runway.
  • Custom ground friction models to simulate proper ground handling (single engine taxi).
  • Brake models tuned to match real world performance in all weather environments
  • Over 60,000 electrical components simulated and connected via simulated electrical and data driven networks.
  • Complete flight control system, featuring Normal Law, Alternate Law, Abnormal Attitude Law, Direct Law and Mechanical Backup. The Fly-By-Wire system faithfully represents the feeling of flying the real world aircraft
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