FlightFactor Release 757 v2 Professional Extended


Just recently, some preview shots were shown off of a new update coming to FlightFactor’s popular 757 aircraft. Including 2 news variants: the 757-200F and 757-300, completing the 757 fleet range. Providing for a new diversity of routes that can be flown with one of the world’s most popular narrow-body jets.

For a price of $84.95 this aircraft bundle can be yours on the store, although if you have previously owned the FlightFactor 757 v2 it is available for a price of just $20. In order to receive this update navigate to your previous 757 order page and a discount code should be present, head to this page to purchase the upgrade version.

The FlightFactor 757 v2 Professional Extended as said earlier comes with three different variants which all come with P&W and RR engines. This aircraft boasts a broad range of features including an in-built tablet aircraft management system, an accurate flight model, interactive checklists, a custom sound set and much more.

Mungo Spencer

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    1. I use both sims as I enjoy flying the 757 and 767, quite a big transition to getting used to different sims. But it does become worth it.

    1. Funny how is it sounds from your words. It’s not “importing”, it’s making the code from the scratch. 757 uses SASL plugin for its systems which does not exist for P3D at all, plus FF aren’t interested in the P3D as it’s a past gen sim, not next gen like X-Plane