FlightFactor Previews A350 Update for X-Plane

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FlightFactor has previewed system developments as part of the long-awaited A350 update for X-plane. ToLiss teamed up with FlightFactor in late 2017 in order to improve the flight computer, one of the most essential systems on board the Airbus A350. They didn’t get around to it until now, but this major update promises to address the most important issues at the moment.

The story of this aircraft started in X-plane 10, over 5 years ago. There were a few subsequent updates, the final of which, v1.5.2, was released in April 2019. Since then, the development hasn’t stopped, but FlightFactor had to delay their promise of releasing this update in April 2020, due to the fact that ToLiss was developing their A321. This update will be free to all existing A350 owners, although this is not the long-anticipated v2, which incidentally will include a different price tag when released.

As mentioned before, the flight computer (FMGS) will receive some needed improvements. First, you’ll be able to use SIDs/STARs with their transitions where needed, and users will be able to use a fully functional VNAV system, including altitude and speed restrictions. Hold functionality will be added, which may not seem that critical to some, but this will help a great deal when flying online, as well as the usage of step climbs. Other smaller improvements, like adding alternate airports and improvements to the current flight model will also be included.

The screenshots below show a few of the improvements on the flight computer: the extensive ECAM checklists, Standard Instrument Departures based on selected take-off runway and fuel prediction pages.

Even though FlightFactor has not provided an official release date, they stated the update will be released any day now. Head on over to the FlightFactor Facebook page for further updates.

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