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A320 448

Flight Factor has released updates and previews for their A320, 767 and 757.


First off, the FlightFactor Boeing 757 is receiving the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) into the arsenal in the unlikelihood of complete power loss in flight. The Ram Air Turbine will automatically deploy during flight in the case of dual engine failure, or complete loss of power. The best example of a RAT being used was Air Canada flight 143. More commonly known as, the Gimli Glider. Both engines were starved of fuel and both engines flamed out over Manitoba and the flight crew was forced to land on an abanded air force runway.


FlightFactor has also been teasing a small panel on the overhead of their Airbus A320. More specifically the cargo heat, cargo smoke AFT, and FWD. With the lights illuminated. Which is hinting to the fact that in an upcoming update, the FFA320 will have a fully active cargo smoke and heating system. It also appears from the screenshot provided by FlightFactor on their Twitter page, you can run a cargo smoke test during your preflight set up.


Last but certainly not least, the FlightFactor Boeing 767 is now on version 1.2.20. This update adds a handful of new features and several bug fixes. the FF team have now added an external web authority to allow Navigraph charts to be used within the aircraft while flying. The DES NOW logic has also been tweaked to be a lot more accurate when the pilots decided to descend earlier than they had previously planned. PW Engine sounds have also been cleaned up to sound much more like the real aircraft.


For a full overview of this multi update announcement, please check out the FlightFactor Twitter page, or find them on the X-Plane forums.

FlightFactor Boeing 767 Changelog:

– refactored(~redone) the cockpit interaction system (click system)
– added external web auth for navigraph charts
– added some messages inhibition
– added more custom commands, fixed mistakes in some commands
– added some info about new commands to the manual
– added an ability to correctly insert (after downselect) custom wpts (pbd, etc..) into the route on the legs page
– added a new metal sound
– added the ability to partially save and load cockpit configuration (just buttons, not systems states)
– improved situation with calculation predicted profile through VECTOR leg
– improved the DES NOW logic
– N1 should be displayed on the TO page for GE engines
– changed empty weight of 767-F
– dir intc and hold at pages now can be fed by custom wpts from the route (pbd, etc…)
– make the cockpit interaction system to work on all monitors in multi-monitor setup
– update joystick axes handling
– increased terrain database loading speed
– cleaned up the PW sounds
– decreased friction in turns on the ground a bit
– fixed flaps 20 warn
– fixed possible systems soft crash during amplified checklist usage
– fixed an “issue” with engine status
– fixed an issue with cabin call
– fixed some misspelling
– fixed avionics CTD when rte contains a vector leg and the next one is disco
– fixed soft crash in PA logic
– fixed <SEL>&<ACT> positions on the Arrival page
– fixed some issues on editing non-active route
– fixed possible micro stutters for Nvidia graphic cards with Threaded Optimization enabled
– fixed possible mouse lag during cockpit interaction
– fixed crash on Mac OS Mojave related to the Security settings
– fixed Navigraph login errors
– fixed checklist on the yoke

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