FlightControlReplay Now Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator

FlightControlReplay has been updated to version 4.5, which now makes it compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator. The utility enables users to record and replay their flights within the simulator.

The tool was previously available for Prepar3D and FSX users, but the free update adds full compatibility with the new simulator.

In addition to the ability to use the product within Microsoft Flight Simulator, other new features include the option to change the rendering mode to MP4, adjust the camera recording, restoring your plane in the last known position and adjusting the video rendering speed from x1/4 to x4. The new update also adds integration with Microsoft “Surface Dial” and also FlightIllusion GSA-42.

There are some limitations that are made clear when you purchase. Right now, some functionality such as zooming in/out is not functional, nor are some simulator variables. Furthermore, you will need to turn off plane crash detection, and shortcut keys are limited to one key at a time. The full list is detailed on the simMarket page and also down below.

You can buy FlightControlReplay from simMarket for €15.00. If you previously owned the product, you can get the update from your account now.

If you’re still looking for more information on FlightControlReplay, you can watch our first look video right now.

Version 4.5 Changelog

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator support
  • Video Rendering Mode : Record a MP4 compressed video rendered with frame by frame technology of FCR for a smooth video whatever the FPS you had in the sim.
  • Video Rendering Speed option : (1/4 – x4) for User Object and also for AI Objects
  • Change Recording Camera : Any simulator camera available anytime
  • Record/Play Algorithm enhancements, stutter fixed with PlayAsAI, Load Replay with/without flight situation settings weather/location/time along your recorded flight at once through FCR user interface
  • Load Replay with/without flight situation settings : When you load your recorded flight in FCR, choose to restore the weather/time/aircraft or keep your current situation settings.
  • Restore your plane in last known position in case of Crash To Desktop Re-Live Instant Replay must be activated
  • Microsoft “Surface Dial Integration”  in P3D Enhanced + MSFS (FSX not supported)
  • FlightIllusion “GSA-42 integration” compass hardware module support added
  • DOFREALITY Motion platform support added

Limitations with v4.5

  • For resume flight after you used INSTANTREPLAY feature please click STOP BUTTON 2 times
  • Please run only  FlightControlReplay.exe in FlightcontrolreplayMSFS folder !
  • If you use FCR options “Load Replay Without load initial flight situation”  you CAN LEAVE AI REAL TIME and AI TRAFFIC sliders set to your preferred values
    if you uncheck this option Please SET AI OFFLINE and G.A traffic slider and Airline traffic slider to 0 if you experience CTD in MSFS(This behaviour will be fixed in next SimUpdates from ASOBO)
  • Be sure load a FreeFlight in MSFS before Play or Load a flight recorded via FCR
  • Be sure press ReadyToFly button in MSF before play a fcr recorded flight
  • Shortcut with one key at a time, combination of 2 keys in the same time is not supported
  • Zoom in / out from FlightControlReplay UI not available
  • A few simulator variables are recorded but are not played because of the remaining bugs in MSFS
  • Disable plane crash  detection in MSFS
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