FlightControlReplay March Update Released

Following on from the news that FlightControlReplay is now compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator, the development team has listened to feedback to improve the product by fixing some issues and adding new features. The utility add-on enables you to pause, rewind and record your flights in a variety of simulators.

Some of the changes include fixes to the internal algorithm to make a smoother experience, and also the ability to have ‘always on top’ for Microsoft Flight Simulator users. In addition, there is a new “Continue from here” feature that enables you to select a point on the timeline and start the live flight from that point in time. There are also some other bug fixes as well, all of which you can read down in the changelog below.

To help newcomers understand the software, the developer has commissioned a series of videos to be produced to help understand how the software works and also some of the changes made in this update.

This is a free update for all customers and can be downloaded through your simMarket account now. Otherwise, you can buy FlightControlReply now for €15.00 from simMarket.

You can also check out our first look at FlightControlReply in Microsoft Flight Simulator below.


  • Performance fixes on Proprietary Algortihm for Smooth experience
  • “Continue from here” feature (MSFS only): Load a FCR recorded flight, select any point of your choice on the timeline Yellow Slider and click STOP. Now you can start live your flight from this point.
  • Bank angle improvements for acrobatic replay
  • AlwaysOnTop option (MSFS only)
  • “Continuous Loop” on Playing option
  • Keyboard assignment bugfix
  • Speech Recognition bugfix
  • New Option Dialog for MSFS version in FCR User Interface
  • Bug Fixes
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