FlightBeam Have Released KMSP!


Ladies and gentlemen,

The great team over at FlightBeam have done it once again: KMSP is finally released and looks astonishing. We will get our hands on KMSP as soon as possible to give you a full review. For the time being, head over to FlightBeam’s website to get more info on KMSP.

Here is a rundown (from FB website) of key new features you can expect with KMSP:

  • NEW! Features the all-new Flightbeam Manager system (no Addon Manager/Couatl required)
  • NEW! Configuration Manager allows you to quickly customize KMSP to your liking
  • NEW! Over 100 highly detailed, optimized SODE dynamic jetways
  • NEW! Static passengers, vehicles, aircraft and much more
  • NEW! Dynamic lighting optional for P3Dv4

KMSP is the largest and busiest airport in the six-state Upper Midwest region of Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

You can buy it now for 29.40 Euros from the Flightbeam website.

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  1. Unfortunately, no demo…no purchase. Also special pricing to special customers…not happy Flightbeam!


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