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02/21/2017 Flightbeam posted an update for their upcoming Minneapolis-St. Paul International (KMSP) scenery, As well as an explanation for the delay of the project.

The post was made on the Flightbeam forum. Firstly they state the the project is nearing completion and entering the final stage of development. Further they say there will be new features in the upcoming scenery; And levels of detail, accuracy, and performance that “Blow away” their previous San Francisco scenery.  Additionally the product will have a new DRM system for installation and activation. They will be moving away from the Couatl addon manager, and developing a new custom system with a focus on User friendliness. They plan to have a full announcement on the new system soon.

To explain the delay Flightbeam cites several problems that arose during the development process. Starting with issues from Contractors ranging from Quality to delays. Flight beam then decided to take on “almost all” of the work load in to project. Whilst this apparently resolved the issues; It also pushed the project back. Moving away from the Addon Manager to their new custom DRM system has also caused delays requiring a new file format and container system. This caused meany compatibility issues in the beginning which they claim to now have corrected.

The post then shows several screen shots which can be seen below.

Flightbeam however would like to note these are Work in Progress shots so some things may be missing. Notably Jetways. They plan on using SODE jetways with the possibility of offering a Standard FSX Jetway option. Flight beam states that the jetways are still under production and are not ready to be shown off yet.

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