Flightbeam Denver for MSFS Updated to v1.03

Flightbeam Denver Update Msfs 2

Flightbeam released Denver International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator on release day and has since issued a few updates to the product itself. Flightbeam has now released version 1.03 which adds various improvements and changes to the product.

The new update focuses on improving the night lighting of the airport, adding red beacons to the top of towers and also enabling ground PBR. In particular, the ground PBR will be only visible with the upcoming update to Microsoft Flight Simulator itself. Amongst those changes also comes improvements to the taxiway naming and parking gates/ramps, along with adding customer parking lot textures next to the main terminal.

The update is available now for users who own Denver International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator and purchased it through the Flightbeam store. You will need to open the ‘Contrail’ app and click on the ‘Download’ button in the top menu. For those who bought it via the Flight Simulator Marketplace, an update will be available soon. Flightbeam says “hopefully next week”.

Otherwise you can pick up Flightbeam Denver for Microsoft Flight Simulator via their store for $14.99. If you’re a previous owner, you can get a discount of 30% by applying discount code ‘KDENMSFS’. You can also compare the Denver Airport included with Microsoft Flight Simulator ‘Premium Deluxe’ edition. 


  • Improved night lighting
  • Added red beacons on top of towers
  • Enabled ground PBR (will be visible with MSFS’s new update)
  • Fixed missing glass canopy from the Hotel
  • Added custom parking lot textures next to main terminal
  • Fixed Asobo’s KDEN bleed through/duplicate buildings (no more need to manually delete files)
  • Smoothed out many taxiways and unrealistic inclines/bumps
  • Fixed Taxiway naming, ATC now gives full taxiway directions
  • Optimized traffic flow for aircraft and traffic
  • Fixed various parking gates/ramps
  • Fixed runway 26 papi showing no proper indications
  • Fix various object placements
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