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Flightbeam Brief Development Update: New KIAD Update and Auckland Survey Complete

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In a marketing survey sent out today (to promote their Summer sale), a few tidbits of development information were tucked sneakily into the bottom of that email.

The first bit of news is that a new “sizable” update is in the works for KIAD Washington Dulles Airport. The new update will include SODE jetways, dynamic lighting a lot of fixes. How sizable and what those fixes are is a mystery right now.


The second piece of news is that Flightbeam’s on-site survey for Auckland Airport is now officially complete. The on-site survey, which saw thousands of reference photos were taken has wrapped and now Mir can focus on developing the airport after putting it on pause a while back. With the support of the airport authorities, Flightbeam captured an insane amount of detail to bring this anticipated airport to the simulator.


As for the sale, every single Flightbeam product is on sale by up to 40% off. Even recent releases such as Quito and Wellington are discounted by a good amount. You can check out Daan’s review on Wellington here to see if it’s worth picking up (spoiler: it is).

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