Flightbeam Auckland Previews

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Flightbeam seems to be progressing nicely with their Auckland Airport (NZAA) scenery. Over on the Flightbeam forums, developer Mir shared some previews of the highly anticipated airport. The previews show two extremely detailed gates on the international terminal of the airport. In the previews we can see two absolutely beautifully modelled jetways, that even show some signs of wear and tear. We can also see the apron area which seems to feature a fair amount of clutter in the form of baggage carts and service vehicles. We can also look inside the terminal, where you can see The Loop Duty Free shop as well as a part of a passenger waiting area. This seems to suggest Auckland airport will feature some interior modelling, much like Flightbeam’s other New Zealand scenery; Wellington.

Those are all the previews Mir had to share for now, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated when more previews come out as this project is getting seemingly closer to its release.

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