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Flight1 Updates FS Effects (FS Stall Effects)

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Over on their Facebook page, Flight One Software has announced that an update to their FS Effects utility has been released. This update also brings a name revision, FS Effects was previously named FS Stall Effects.

FS Effects is a unique and highly-configurable add-on utility for FSX/SE and Prepar3D v3-4 which realistically enhances your virtual flight experience. The add-on utility has received an update to version 1.02 which adds more controls to tweak and edit your aircraft’s flight characteristics.

This update introduces throttle response tweaking, engine start-up time tweaking and a battery life extension which allows you to increase the length of time your aircrafts’ battery will last for before the engine gets to juice it up which is unrealistic for some aircraft.

The interface allows you to select an aircraft from your library and make adjustments to the characteristics listed at the end of this article.

If you don’t already own it, FS Effects can be purchased via. Flight1’s e-commerce wrapper at a price of $19.95 (Incl. VAT).


Adjustable Aircraft Characteristics

  • New! Turboprop/Turbojet Throttle Response (Slow to Fast).
  • New! Turbo/Turbojet Start-up Time (5 seconds to 30 seconds).
  • New! Battery Life Extension (Off, 1x to 20x).
  • Pre-Stall Buffet Starting Point (as percentage stalled).
  • Pre-Stall Buffet Pitch Magnitude (Zero to Max).
  • Pre-Stall Buffet Roll Magnitude (Zero to Max).
  • Pre-Stall Buffet Incidence Rate (Zero to Max).
  • High-speed Buffet Starting Point (Mach number).
  • High-speed Buffet Magnitude (Zero to Max).
  • Engine Vibration’ Roll Magnitude of airframe.
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