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Flight1 Release New Purchasing Agent

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A new generation of the Flight1 E-Commerce platform is now available for download. This major update includes new and some of the best features from the previous version. You can now manage all your purchases through one application on your computer. Most of the addons will be transferred over to this new system. If there is an update to an aircraft to a new sim, or a major paid update and you already own the aircraft in question, you can look up the discounts for said aircraft or addon and it will display the discounted price.


Other features include:

  • You can manage all Flight1 purchases within a single application including viewing all your past Flight1 orders (many will be auto-converted to be in this system).
  • The application contains different “Stores” within the Purchase Agent “Mall” which allow for customized presentations of different product lines by different vendors.
  • Product downloads are handled within the system with all files stored to a configurable download location.
  • Product updates can be distributed via the Purchase Agent.
  • You can purchase more than one item at the same time (new to version – You can also purchase from multiple stores at the same time).
  • There is an Auto-Lookup option for product discounts if you are upgrading from an earlier version. No need to enter a coupon code in this case!
  • Our Live Capture feed is a unique way to view captured video associated with a product.
  • Forums and a ticket system are built into the system (configured at the vendor/product level).
  • Communication to customers from publishers/developers is included so that you can get news, notifications, and product update information about your products.
  • For developers: You can use the components of the system directly within your application, or create your own application to distribute your products.

If you wish to read more about this new wrapper program, or download this for free, version is available for download on the Flight1 website.

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