Flight Sim Show 2019: Round-Up from Infinite Flight Presentation

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[This is a live article and will be updated over the weekend with images and details as we get them]

Infinite Flight took to the stage this morning to talk about their mobile flight simulator. Laura, CEO, took to the stage and gave a brief overview of the platform along with some exciting new announcements.

C172 Rework

One of the first new elements confirmed during the presentation was a full re-work of the C172.  The aircraft will come complete with animated glass G1000 and also the steam version. It will also include better NAVAIDs and also functional electrical systems.


New UI

Spoken about briefly in a blog post recently, Laura then spoke about the new UI. Introducing a new “flick and switch system” which is now easier to have a lot of actions on smaller screens. This feature is can be done on a per-aircraft basis and functionality can be expanded quite easy. Haptic feedback is available on iPhones. Testing is on-going.

New Version of API (API 2.0)

A brand new API will be made available to developers to start integrating more tightly with the simulator.

The new API will provide a much faster protocol to support joysticks with low latency. Any type of joystick that works on Linux or Windows will work with via WiFi. If you have a lightning to USB cable you could even play on the TV.

Map Rework

A new map has been announced which will provide much smoother animations and the ability to add many more features without big performance hits. This could be the weather, terrain, etc. Coastlines, states and country lines are more accurate than ever.



The A350 will come with “all-new standards” and the team are hoping to animate every instrument within the aircraft. The initial package will have some features and then over time, the developers will continue updating.


During a Q&A, Laura was asked about the 777, and she replied saying that it’s currently being reworked based on many of the features.


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