Flight Sim Labs Releases A320-X and A321-X Sharklets for P3D

Flightsimlabs Sharklets Released (4)

Flight Sim Labs has released their long-awaited A320-X and A321-X Sharklets add-on. The new aircraft brings the Sharklet model of the Airbus A320 and Airbus A321 to Prepar3D v4.4 and above.

As per the forum announcement, it is also confirmed that the changes to the aircraft include a completely new fuel system that models the newer jet-pump design. Furthermore, new ELAC L97+ computers have been added which features Load Alleviation Function and Anti-Aileron Droop. As was already mentioned, the new “jump ahead” feature has also been included.

As well as updated systems, the new Sharklets model includes brand new custom sounds, animations and lighting effects that are unique to the model. This is of course in addition to the 2.3 meter sharklets attached to the end of each wing.

Perhaps one of the bigger additions to the new A320-X and A321-X Sharklets is the addition of the new EFB. The virtual electronic flight bag seamlessly connects to various services and tools to directly help pilots. The EFB includes take-off and landing performance, integration with GSX to handle the opening of doors and other operations, and also links to Navigraph, SimBrief and others. It also displays a live traffic map which is based on the AI traffic in the simulator. What’s more, the EFB can be connected to any smart device such as a tablet and mobile phone.

You must own the base A320-X in order to be able to use either Sharklets model (A320 or A321). Individually, the A320-X and the A321-X Sharklets will cost $59.95 (excluding taxes). However, you are able to buy both as a combined pack for $79.95. You can find the Sharklets bundle pack on the webpage when you go to purchase. To be clear, you are able to purchase the A321 Sharklet without owning the currently available A321-X.

It’s worth noting that there’s also an update to the existing line of products (A320-X, A319-X, A321-X), which you can download from your account.


  • New virtual tablet system that can be accessed from any external device using a web browser. Experience a new dimension of flight simulation with a whole suite of included tools that will take your experiences to new heights.
  • Flight model and performance – experience the intricate details that differentiate the sharklet airframes from the conventional wing-tip-fence variants.
  • Increased lift gives better performance on takeoff and cruise, but more slippery on descent and landing. Additional consideration needs to be given to any significant crosswind component and the increased ground effect in the flare.
  • Extensive modelling and texturing shows the new wings in all their glory. Observe how the increased lift causes more flex in the wings.

This is a developing story and will be updated once we can get access to the forums for a full detailed feature list.

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