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Flight Sim Labs Release A319-X


Flight Sim Labs has just announced the release of their A319-X product. A long time coming, the microbus has finally released to add to FSLab’s A320 family. Up next in the series will be the A321 and following behind that, the sharklets for the family.

The A319-X comes with the same levels of simulation as seen in the A320-X, as well as some new features which have helped to increase the immersion of the product. The A319-X will set you back a cost of $39.95 and can be purchased from FSLabs’ website. The A319-X serves as an addon to the A320-X which is why it’s price is significantly lower. It must be noted that in order to buy the A319-X you must already own the A320-X, this will be the same case for the A321-X as and when that releases.

The FSLabs A319-X includes new features such as bugs on the windshield, rain/snow effects as well as an advanced icing system, perfect for the current weather we’re seeing across Europe! All the new features seen on the A319-X will be implemented into the A320-X in the not too distant future. The A319-X will also be FSLab’s first P3D v4 only aircraft due to the complexity of the new features implemented, this means that it is likely that further significant A320 updates and the A321-X will come to P3D v4 only. 

In other news aside from the release of the A319-X, Andy Wilson of FSLabs showed off a first sneak peak of the A321-X in the FSLabs forums. Although the shot doesn’t show much, it’s good to see that progress is already being made with the largest member of the A320 family.

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