Flight Sim Labs A320-X Update Due This Week

A320 X Fselite

FSLabs are back at the development table continuing to improve their A320-X. Whilst the most recent update provided a huge list of changes and fixes, there was still work for the team to do to make the A320-X even better. More excitingly, the update appears to be right around the corner.

Whilst there isn’t an official change log at this point, multiple forum posts by some of the developers suggests what will be in the next update. The biggest update will fix the strange issue of certain airports causing the aileron reaction time to be slower than usual (not confirmed what caused the issue). The sound department has also been looked at with the PA system playing in the flight deck when it’s off now fixed. Furthermore, the new update will also allow you to map engine, environment and cockpit sounds to different sound devices in real time.

Finally, as described in the title, Andy Wilson also said that this update was due this week (providing things go well). When the update is available to download, we’ll let you know.

Further to the A320-X, I also caught some snippets of information concerning the Concorde in P3Dv4. If you missed the news before, FSLabs said that they heard the community loud and clear that the Concorde was sorely missed in the sim. As such, it appears that development is well underway.

Again, in multiple forum posts, it’s clear that work is full steam ahead. When asked, it was confirmed that the new version of Concorde will use the correct CAS (Calibrated Airspeed) calculation. The ADC of the Concorde has also been rewritten to provide more realistic Max Climb Law and more.

No screenshots or other information is available right now,  but again we’ll continue to monitor it going forward.


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And they are working on a new test.exe of cause.

I didn’t know FF isn’t any alternative because it’s not in P3D.

Vilify them all you will, but at least check your damn spelling so you don’t sound like a schmuck too.

I must admit I only opened this article to see your comment, out of curiosity 😉

I was considering their aircraft, still a bit hesitant because of the time it would consume. But with the latest news I’m sure I won’t. FF is a better alternative in case I decide to commit to this.

I will never again buy or install anything from these criminals.

I do. because I have 1000 logins to 1000 places with some stupid password requirements. go on, remember 1000 versions of ThiSm7p3s3wwW0RD

good luck not writing that down somewhere!

you’d be surprised. In the digital world you will find it hard to find a company that is innocent. The huge gigantic majority is logging every move you do on the web.

And we can also go into the non digital world, you’d be surprised how many companies cheat on customers and abuse their workers.

And to be quiet honest: Who saves their login data and passwords inside their web browser, which is btw the biggest security risk on every computer that’s connected to the internet and used to browse websites, kinda deserves it.

But i know, i can’t possibly mean what i say. Sure those people could not know what danger that could be… but they actually could have known, if they were interested in informing themselves.

But sadly we live in a world were ignorance is bliss.

We constantly generate new ways for companies to abuse us and to track our every move, and then we whine complain and flail if companies abuse the security issues we created our self.


this isn’t communism vs evil capitalism

but not all companies (fsl is not a corporation) install backdoors and keyloggers/file viewers/browser cache dumps onto their customers machines.

I hope you realise that almost all companies and corporations on earth are criminals.

Update Released

Calum Martin

It hasn’t as far as I can see.

Fanboys defend them all you want!

FSL are criminals!

I love the comments like “grow up” in response to rightful bashing of FSLabs.

How deluded and brainwashed are you guys? How much of a fanboy can you be?

A company does something completely illlegal, against international law and you still bash people for pointing that out.

And then completely irrelevant comparison to MS Windows or Steam who do have telemetry but do so LEGALY by ensuring and complying with data protection acts… children everywhere.

But muh Airbus

It’s our job as consumers to hold companies accountable by choosing where we spend our money. FSLabs has NOT provided sufficient assurance they will not try this stunt again. The man in charge, who has now been caught twice, is still there (so far as I know). He needs to step down. I’m certain there are good people working there to produce a good product, but as long as the guy in charge remains so, there is no way forward that isn’t “we at FSLabs hope you forget about this.” We have to send a message by not giving them another cent. If he chooses to step down, then in my opinion the company can recover with time and the talented coders can reap the benefit of their hard work. Until then, they are being hijacked by a criminal company owner and should find another company where their work will be properly rewarded.

If you play csgo, you’ll know ESEA and steam does the same shit. The former was caught planting bitcoin mining tools into their client not too long ago. I’ve not come across a developer that hasn’t tracked its users unfairly. It’s human nature.

Okay, First of all, FSLabs are continuing great work. They still have a lot of customers despite what has happened. If you are not a customer of FSLabs anymore, you really have no right to complain. Yes, You feel like your privacy was violated and i understand that, but i personally will not tolerate any of the trolls out there that want to just shit talk FSLabs and especially if you are not their customer anymore. If you got your refund, which was a free upgrade you will get 0.00 back because that was the price of the product since it was a FREE upgrade. Just so you are also aware, you are also disrespecting everyone who still loves this aircraft and flies it regularly despite what has happened. Your also disrespecting well known streamers & virtual pilots and also Real Life Pilots Who are still part of the FSL team. All of your selfishness has to stop. FSLabs are most likely being investigated and nothing will probably happen. Oh and about the FF, It’s nowhere close to the FSLabs A320, They still have a lot of work to do. So please, everyone just be nice, sit back, If you enjoy the aircraft fly it, If you don’t then ignore all posts on it and stop destroying peoples hobbies.

So, let me get this right. You tell everyone to “grow up” then needlessly bash another product for a totally different platform.

Pot, meet kettle.

Nice try FSLabs

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

Smeh, I was looking for their concorde, not anymore! I’ll wait til pmdg does their’s or someone just as good comes by… I swear if pmdg does the same thing I’d cry ):

Any takers what the name of the new trojan will be? im guessing thisistotallylegitvalidatorfile.exe


Miles Harrison

Everyone has a choice whether to buy or not to buy or to continue with them. They still have best A320 there has ever been on ESP, and after I had my IT guys check my PC with my infected file nothing was found to have been activated although the file obviously contained the test.exe. Time to move on and let the individuals decide. Everyone knows about it so anyone buying will know of the scandal. Wrong an individual was but the whole company no.

It’s a free update…

For $10 you can get a malware-free version.

It dumbfounds me that ANY simmer would want anything to do with this godawful company.

Just another update to disguise malware. Only fools believed their anti-piracy story! Once com artists always con artists! Good luck to those who still believe FSLabs!

Grow up

I understand that you don’t use MS Windows because of their telemetry system that I bet you don’t even have any idea what data is sent through it.

New version of test.exe? No thanks.

Bon the builder

its so sad…….these guys had it made…..but after their DRM fiasco, anything they do will forever be overshadowed by their monster fu$k up. Shame too….because their products are sooo good.

The update to reintroduce test.exe!

Grow up