Flight Sim Commander 10 Released


The fine developers at Aerosoft have released version 10 of Flight Sim Commander.

This is a GPS, flight planner and moving map tool for FSX and FS2004. You must own a copy of WideFS which is not included to this. This is defiantly a must have for all who fly on VATSIM or IVAO. It will show all active traffic and ATC around you. You will be able to see your taxi route from your gate to runway, or runway to gate.


FlightSim Commander allows you to:

  • Create flight plans automatically, manually, or both for any section of your route
  • Design flight plans on official airways (victor and jet airways)
  • Create a database of your own custom waypoints
  • Insert Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) and Standard Arrival Routes (STARs) and Transitions
  • Create and reload route segments for departure, arrival and enroute
  • North Atlantic Tracks (NATracks) and Pacific Organized Tracks (PACOTs) for flight planning
  • Look at airport layouts including runways, taxiways, and aprons
  • Show a Jeppesen-style vertical and horizontal approach chart for runways of your destination airport
  • Display available missed approaches at your destination airport
  • Calculate fuel consumption and alternate airport
  • Look at a map displaying VORs, NDBs, ILS’es, airports, runways, MSA (minimum sector altitude)
  • Automatic switching of flights in the polar regions from Mag to True (vice versa)
  • Display of the TACAN stations with channel information X and Y
  • Installations of Navigation Database Cycle NavDataPro
  • 12 types of airspaces as well as coastlines and national boundaries
  • Use a GPS display for easy and better navigation (Mag Hdg/ True Hdg and MagVar data readable)
  • Automatically transmit ILS frequencies to Flight Simulator
  • VOR / NDB and ATC transfer frequencies to the simulator by mouse click
  • Set an autopilot for following the filed route or to go directly to a chosen geographic location
  • Select between fly-by or fly-over for passing waypoints
  • Track your flight on a real-time moving map display
  • For different aircraft models the display of TOC and TOD is possible

Full list of features available at the FSPilotshop website.

For owners for Flight Sim Commander v9.x, you will get a free upgrade to version 10. you must  have the qualifying product in your order history. If you are not a previous owner, you will have to head over to where you can buy Flight Sim Commander V10 for 31.99USD.



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