First FSLabs A321-X Information and A319-X/A320-X Update Details

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Those who attended Flight Sim 2018 at Cosford this weekend were surprised with a running version of the A321-X from FlightSimLabs. The aircraft was on display for people to view the external modelling. Curious, we spoke to the developers to see what was going on with the aircraft.

The A321-X is coming along nicely with beta testers getting their hands on it very soon. Over the course of development, the team were keen to let us know that the A321-X isn’t a simple model update, but includes all the performance models and little details to create a realistic A321 simulation along with all it’s unique characteristics.

Further to the changes to the visual models, the flight dynamics and the inclusion of the ice and rain effects from the A319 series, the A321-X will also feature the DCDU and ATC COMM logic to simulate CPDLC via the Hoppie ACARS.

What was interesting was the fact that the virtual cockpit of the A321 wasn’t shown off. When I asked, I was told “there’s still a ‘couple’ more surprises in store”.

A319-X/A320-X Updates

Whilst the A321-X was on display, the A319-X and A320-X was there for users to fly. When asked, we were told that the FSX/P3Dv3 version updates were still coming and include the latest system features.

For Prepar3D V4 users, there’s some brand new stuff coming very soon. Firstly, the ice and rain effects will soon be available for the A320-X. First appearing on the A319-X, the effects are both visual and have a impact on the flight dynamics. Speaking of flight dynamics, it was confirmed that there will be a new high-definition flight performance model, which bypasses the conventional P3Dv4 system, which allows for more precise simulations of limitations, performances and edges of the envelope handling characteristics. So things like coffin corner, independent leading and trailing edge rendition on lift and drag as well as proper airframe drag and lift contributions depending on the component. It’s quite technical, but you can see the full change log below which details it further.

In addition to the flight dynamics, there has been a lot of work on the ATSU modelling within the sim. In the new update, simmers will be able to use:

  • Load Sheets
  • Takeoff performance requests
  • Oceanic Requests
  • Datalink Clearance
  • ATIS-D

The loadsheet data can be read from PFPX, which is then simulated in the boarding logic and flow. This is also then picked up by GSX to simulate boarding, catering, refuelling and push back.

The final few snippets of information I received also said that wind-data uplink will be simulated and that the A320-X will see the external model fuselage reworked.

Release dates and update availability information wasn’t confirmed to me, but as previously mentioned, beta testers are soon getting their hands on it. Hopefully we hear more information soon, and if we do, we’ll let you know.

Here’s the full detail list we were provided with:

A320 Update for FSX/P3D v3 including the latest system features.

A319/A320 update for P3Dv4 including:

    • New high-definition flight performance models bypassing the conventional system in P3D v4 allowing for a more precise simulation of performance, limitations and edges of the envelope handling characteristics:
      • a/ High definition of the weight and balance model
      • b/ Compressibility effects renditions on lift to render properly coffin corner (reduction of alpha range with mach)
      • b/ Variation of the drag with Reynolds for accurate climb performance
      • c/ independent leading and trailing edge rendition on lift and drag (extension of the alpha max)
      • d/ Proper airframe components drag and lift contributions : spoilers, landing lights, trim
      • e/ Precise derivatives to depict accurately handling at VMCA speed
    • New 2017 ATSU model features including Load Sheets, Takeoff Performance Request, Oceanic Request, Datalink Clearance, Weather (Metar/Forecast/Sigmet), ATIS-D, OOOI. The new system can receive PFPX Loadsheets and Performance via Hoppie ACARS as company messages – and integrates seamlessly into the new fully customisable boarding logic; which in turn is integrated with GSX – and can be used to request Boarding, Catering, Refuelling and push back. Complete integration with Hoppie ACARS including ADS-C functionality.
    • Wind data uplink
    • Ice and rain simulation for the A320-X
    • Reworked external model fuselage for the A320-X

Flight Sim Labs A321-X

  • All the above features to be included
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I am surprised that they had the nerve to meet us in person. Did anyone attempt to confront them about their censorship or the fact that they put a virus on our computer?

-edited by CM to remove unneeded word.

Here is a statement from the terms of service.
“The Comments do not contain any defamatory, libelous, offensive, indecent or otherwise unlawful material or material which is an invasion of privacy”

Maybe you are above this? Let me tell you that as a military vet, you WOULD NOT say anything to my face. You are a keyboard warrior and a coward.

@FUBAR I am sorry that you have a medical condition that forces you to read the comments

Just lovin my FSL A320 and A319. Fed up of hearing the same old shite from 2 haters in particular. They ruin the whole experience for a lot of people more than the issue they keep drabbling on about. Its not what is said but the gleeful way they ram it down everybody’s throats. Shame of it is, they are probably decent people out of the flightsim bubble.

I bought the fslabs after the scandal and to be fair, the past is the past, no need to spread bad vibes. I enjoy the aircraft anyways. Forget the scandal. It’s over and done with. As much as you are allowed to spread your opinions, Sometimes it’s just best keeping them to yourself. Nothing is gunna stop me from buying anything else from fslabs whether they installed malware in the past or not. 😉

John Moore

Guys, keep it civil and respectful please.

Look at him Speedbird ATC the saviour of our flightsim community. The real hero in our hours of need. Saving us from the evils of Fslabs. A real Pirate Not believing in second chances and the capability of people that can change or change their opinions. Excuses won’t be enough. Burn they will. Thank you man. Thank you.

The only thing that is keeping FSLabs devs from reintroducing malware on their products is the continual pressure by the community that this sort of behavior is not okay and they are constantly being watched and reminded of what they did because the attitudes of the devs were certainly NOT changed in any significant way by the recent scandal.
Also its important to stand up to the FSLabs jackboot lickers because they would give FSLabs a false sense of confidence that they could pull something like this again. They certainly wouldn’t bat an eyelid if malware was reintroduced.

@Speedbird ATC

Probably the better term is “fascistic” censorship but great work on acknowledging that you may have made a mistake 🙂

This wasn’t your typical flight sim drama: This wasn’t a dev being an asshole. This was a developer that felt that it had the right to do something criminal and dangerous, and then punish anyone who disagreed with their actions.

Aerosoft didn’t place my personal security at risk. It is important that we never let this die. Newcomers need to know what FSLabs did.

To whom it applies to: How about taking the high road and move on from the past and embrace the future? Things happened, lessons were learned, and it’s time to take a step forward. If you (or anyone else for that matter) are pissed at FSLabs then don’t support them. Don’t purchase their products. Those of you who sh*t all over Aerosoft whenever their name is mentioned should take the same approach. We as a community, regardless of which sim(s) we use, need to wake the hell up and realize that ALL of these developers work very hard and are enhancing our hobby in one way or another, significant or not so much so, regardless of whether you like their product or not. All the negativity and bashing for the sake of hearing yourself speak is really childish. That’s not to say we shouldn’t critique and offer feedback in constructive conversations, there is benefit to the community in doing so, but there’s really no more need to mention the same crap we’ve heard said time and time again.

I would like to apologize for the use of the term Nazi. I come from an American perspective, where the horrors of World War II were not felt as harshly as in Europe. Over here, many people use the term to refer to fascist behavior (Such as threatening publications like FSElite with lawsuits should they refuse to remove comments they don’t like). It was unneeded, and I will show more empathy in the future. @Anders Bermann First of all the apology was endlessly delayed, pathetically justified, and too little too late. After removing the malware, they once again did something to test our trust, by placing a file with a similar name to a Windows file in a Windows folder. The only other software I know that does this is malware. Whilst the file was innocuous, it proved that FSLabs have learned nothing from the debacle. No, I will not stop bringing this up. There are people new to this hobby who will be rightfully impressed by FSLabs extensive feature lists. They need to know what kind of shady behavior these people have conducted in the past, and it is our duty as a community to warn newcomers not to touch people like this with a pole the length of a 747-8s wingspan.

Malware (also known as malicious software) IS one of many kinds of viruses. And lets not back into this discussion further.
As for their censorship, it is very heavy and they easily remove all comments (even those subjective) if not in favor of company.

However, what I really don’t like is the quality of the comments here nowadays.
People, can’t you have a normal conversation without insulting each other?
We are small community that should support each other, not smashing into garbage and mixing with mud! That’s not only in regards to @Rob Moore comment but to all that appeared in last ~8 months.

@Speedbird ATC, I don’t know where are you come from and what is your knowledge about the history but comparing anything here to Nazis exposes a huge lack of this knowledge or correct understanding what Nazis have done. Come to Europe, for example to Poland and visit some concentration and extermination camps like Auschwitz (Oświęcim), Majdanek, Treblinka or other smaller ones which are scattered all over the country and works as the museum today.
After visiting one or two such of places, it probably will help you learn some humility and understand that throwing some of the comparisons that easily is a pure of ignorance.

Speedbird ATC has an issue with everything FSLabs does, apparently.
Please – we know, you have some grudge against them! They removed the software! They apologized for it!
Could you PLEASE stop bringing this up, EVERYTIME an article or news update regarding FSLabs comes up???
It’s really starting to get tedious! We know. FSLabs screwed up in this regard. They have corrected it, removed it and apologized for it.
Could we please, please just move on?

Nazi censorship? Did you get banned from their forums?

Virus? It was malware, which was specifically targeted at scumbags who torrent their software. It was unacceptable, they apologised and removed their entire DRM process from their installation process. I understand the anger but if you’re going to take issue with what they did you might want to be more specific about exactly how they did it.

If you think me not paying 4000 dollars to spend a weekend in the UK, and potentially throwing an entire college quarter in the garbage is because I was a keyboard warrior who is too afraid to stand up for myself, I don’t think you and I can have a reasonable conversation…

@FUBAR Maybe it is because I am a full time student who lives half way across the world in Seattle?

@CaptainSazzman. So sorry. Thought it was at me.

@FUBAR lol I was talking to Speedbird ATC haha shoulda put “@”

@Rob Moore

Wow you are really splitting hairs there. Also it seems as if you are a jackboot licker who has no problem with censorship..

@CaptainSazzman. Absolutely i did, when it was an issue and not just a troll for happy keyboard warriors.

If censorship is a problem for you, perhaps you could help by not calling people Nazis and accusing them of installing viruses. The program was spyware, something totally different and yes, the whole incident was regrettable to say the least but if you’re going to criticise, at least try to be accurate

How do you know Speedbird ATC was at this event?

Did YOU?

Some people pfft. Why did YOU not say something? Maybe because you can’t hide behind your keyboard?

“Reworked external model fuselage for the A320-X”

Apart from the Malware, the biggest flaw (imo) of the product is the external modelling – it is quite simply not up to par with PMDG or even QualityWings.

It’s also disappointing to see that they haven’t yet addressed the really bad livery installation system..

Would have been funny from everyone else, but coming from the Flightfactor co-founder, this tweet isn’t very classy


Got a link to it? Tried googling around and couldn’t find it…


– No way of easily viewing what liveries are installed without launching your sim, on my Windows 10 Start Menu I have both the PMDG Ops centre and the QWDispatcher so I can quickly check if I have the necessary livery installed for a particular flight.

– Using a whole installer just for a single livery is stupid, that means if you wanted to install multiple liveries at the same time you have to click through each installer one-by-one.

– Unlike QW or PMDG, third-party liveries just give you the raw files which means clicking through a slightly complicated file structure and copying the files to there and you have to make sure you install the livery in the right engine variant folder. On QW and PMDG this is done for you automatically via the .qwl and the .ptp files respectfully.

– For PMDG, it automatically fetches the liveries for you from the internet and installs them in one click. For the QWDispatcher it at least remembers the last folder you installed a livery from so its much simpler/easier.

I think FSLabs should focus on their long overdue promised Manager program rather that most of the stuff listed in this news article..

Check out this: 😉

There is an excellent livery manager available from the the creator of tomstoshade!

What is wrong with the livery installation system? In my book it is one of the easiest ones… you just copy the texture folder and that’s it. No hassle with the aircraft cfg etc. Yes, PMDG is more easy and maybe QW also… but that is about it…

Calum Martin

We have kept this comment section pretty open and lax despite some people breaching our relatively simple terms for the commenting system. We aren’t here to censor, but we will edit or delete (with info as to why) if we believe it’s not adding anything of value to the comment section or the site.

We encourage all our readers to share their opinions and be passionate about what they believe in, but I absolutely will draw the line at any personal attacks or unsubstantiated claims or insults.

In general, we police comments very little as we entrust the community to act responsibly and use the downvote button appropriately to hide comments deemed unnecessary. However, we will step in if needs be.

Providing everyone can follow the (simple and non-censorship) rules, we can let you guys manage it.

We have some plans to enhance the commenting system very soon, which may help with situations like this. Keep your eyes peeled

@Speedbird ATC
What did you not understand in John’s comment?
“Guys, keep it civil and respectful please.”

I have a feeling that what you want to do is to get a warning or be banned here so you can go to other outlet with crying about the strict moderation on FSE.
I have seen your comments and opinions in other places and what I and many other people noticed, you have a tendency to insult others. This is really not welcome here so maybe you should consider going to AFK mode for a while and chill out?

I would love to see one update which improves the FPS.

@Bob. If you think I’m sticking up for FSLabs you’re an idiot. I’m sticking up for fselite. Too many people think that they can hide behind a keyboard and write anything they like with no consequences. There’s a whole heap of difference between spyware and viruses, ask Mark Zuckerberg. He’s been spying on you for years legally. While I don’t condone the conduct of FSLabs, it caused a hell of a problem for the guys that run this site. When a newspaper prints libel, it isn’t the reporters who get sued it’s the paper and during this whole episode, people have posted comments on here that could easily be considered libel. I don’t want this site moderated so that it becomes like avsim, I like healthy debate but some people need to choose their words a bit more carefully. The people who run this site work hard to bring us the news, let’s just help them avoid unnecessary grief


Ps, they are working on a manager.

Excited about their upcoming updates. But, I’d wish for some rework of the VC textures as well, something like that of Aerosoft’s. Not really comparing but I think something like that would make the already stunning VC even more stunning.

FSlabs vc-textures are photorealistic just like pmdg´s and the maddog ones, whilst areosofts are “painted” which in my opinion look a little too clean and comic like

Still no word on the professional version which was intended to be released last Christmas 2017.

I guess cockpit builders will have to look elsewhere.
It’s now completely off their roadmap and no mention in their development plan.

Curious if they will ever implement the SATCOM antenna?

Nevertheless: Exciting developments.

“Reworked external model fuselage for the A320-X”
One thing I wonder about this is whether this will have any effect on the user-created liveries we already have. When FlightFactor released an external model update for their A320 in XP, the old liveries had glaring incompatibility with the new model and a lot of people had to redo their liveries.

Basically all the currents liveries will be kicked out… I have like 100 liveries to remake from scratch

Hopefully they’ll reproduce the Thomas Cook ‘I love cook’s club’ livery. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth googling to see what happens when a right side door is open. It spells out something totally different. One of the guys on the FSLabs stand was quite enthusiastic about the idea

Yeah that was some funny…. Explicit hehehe

They have to bring out the SDK, so FS2Crew can make a Package for them… Without FS2Crew i will not buy the FSLabs and i will continue using the ((Arcade)) Aerosoft Prof Airbuses

FSLabs know that there is a group of People who asked for this, but alltime say “We will publish a SDK in the future”… which future? of P3Dv5?

It seems clear to me that all of their resources are tied up in ensuring that the FSX/P3D v3 customers are given the update they’ve been promised, along with the update to the A319/A320 and the A321 model.

Those who’ve paid for the product are ultimately FSLabs’s primary concern. Once that’s been taken care of, I’m sure the focus can be trained on releasing an SDK. But there’s clearly a workflow and the SDK isn’t a priority.

This sounds awesome! I’m excited!