First FSLabs A321-X Information and A319-X/A320-X Update Details

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Those who attended Flight Sim 2018 at Cosford this weekend were surprised with a running version of the A321-X from FlightSimLabs. The aircraft was on display for people to view the external modelling. Curious, we spoke to the developers to see what was going on with the aircraft.

The A321-X is coming along nicely with beta testers getting their hands on it very soon. Over the course of development, the team were keen to let us know that the A321-X isn’t a simple model update, but includes all the performance models and little details to create a realistic A321 simulation along with all it’s unique characteristics.

Further to the changes to the visual models, the flight dynamics and the inclusion of the ice and rain effects from the A319 series, the A321-X will also feature the DCDU and ATC COMM logic to simulate CPDLC via the Hoppie ACARS.

What was interesting was the fact that the virtual cockpit of the A321 wasn’t shown off. When I asked, I was told “there’s still a ‘couple’ more surprises in store”.

A319-X/A320-X Updates

Whilst the A321-X was on display, the A319-X and A320-X was there for users to fly. When asked, we were told that the FSX/P3Dv3 version updates were still coming and include the latest system features.

For Prepar3D V4 users, there’s some brand new stuff coming very soon. Firstly, the ice and rain effects will soon be available for the A320-X. First appearing on the A319-X, the effects are both visual and have a impact on the flight dynamics. Speaking of flight dynamics, it was confirmed that there will be a new high-definition flight performance model, which bypasses the conventional P3Dv4 system, which allows for more precise simulations of limitations, performances and edges of the envelope handling characteristics. So things like coffin corner, independent leading and trailing edge rendition on lift and drag as well as proper airframe drag and lift contributions depending on the component. It’s quite technical, but you can see the full change log below which details it further.

In addition to the flight dynamics, there has been a lot of work on the ATSU modelling within the sim. In the new update, simmers will be able to use:

  • Load Sheets
  • Takeoff performance requests
  • Oceanic Requests
  • Datalink Clearance
  • ATIS-D

The loadsheet data can be read from PFPX, which is then simulated in the boarding logic and flow. This is also then picked up by GSX to simulate boarding, catering, refuelling and push back.

The final few snippets of information I received also said that wind-data uplink will be simulated and that the A320-X will see the external model fuselage reworked.

Release dates and update availability information wasn’t confirmed to me, but as previously mentioned, beta testers are soon getting their hands on it. Hopefully we hear more information soon, and if we do, we’ll let you know.

Here’s the full detail list we were provided with:

A320 Update for FSX/P3D v3 including the latest system features.

A319/A320 update for P3Dv4 including:

    • New high-definition flight performance models bypassing the conventional system in P3D v4 allowing for a more precise simulation of performance, limitations and edges of the envelope handling characteristics:
      • a/ High definition of the weight and balance model
      • b/ Compressibility effects renditions on lift to render properly coffin corner (reduction of alpha range with mach)
      • b/ Variation of the drag with Reynolds for accurate climb performance
      • c/ independent leading and trailing edge rendition on lift and drag (extension of the alpha max)
      • d/ Proper airframe components drag and lift contributions : spoilers, landing lights, trim
      • e/ Precise derivatives to depict accurately handling at VMCA speed
    • New 2017 ATSU model features including Load Sheets, Takeoff Performance Request, Oceanic Request, Datalink Clearance, Weather (Metar/Forecast/Sigmet), ATIS-D, OOOI. The new system can receive PFPX Loadsheets and Performance via Hoppie ACARS as company messages – and integrates seamlessly into the new fully customisable boarding logic; which in turn is integrated with GSX – and can be used to request Boarding, Catering, Refuelling and push back. Complete integration with Hoppie ACARS including ADS-C functionality.
    • Wind data uplink
    • Ice and rain simulation for the A320-X
    • Reworked external model fuselage for the A320-X

Flight Sim Labs A321-X

  • All the above features to be included
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