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New Exterior Previews Shown of HotStart TBM-900

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A few weeks ago we reported on the announcement of a new TBM-900 by a fresh name to the X-Plane development world, HotStart.

Since then, the first official previews of the exterior model have been shown off over on the X-Pilot forums. These previews came from Goran of Leading Edge Simulations, who is working on the modelling in this project. With a proven track record of high quality, most notably the Saab 340A that was recently updated to X-Plane 11 compatibility, the expectations were high.
As expected, the modelling is simply stunning. Don’t take my word for it though – check out the images below.

Something to keep in mind here also is that the systems on this project are being developed by none other than Totoritko – the man behind the essential X-Plane plugin, BetterPushback.

It goes without saying, that this project with two high respected developers is something that the whole X-Plane community is excited for and keeping an eye on. For that reason, we’ll be following this with a close eye too.

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