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Enhanced Skyscapes by BiologicalNanobot Released for XPL

Enhanced Skyscapes 4

Developer BiologicalNanobot has released Enhanced Skyscapes for X-Plane 11.

The feature list is limited to two items: it includes fully volumetric clouds and works with other weather injection addons such as Active Sky XP. Otherwise, we learn from the product page that Enhanced Skyscapes replacing default sky and clouds with a realistic procedural shader-based sky. According to Threshold, the developer says that the product “should not have a large impact on FPS and may even improve upon FPS that users may have experienced using Enhanced Cloudscapes.”

You can buy it now from the Threshold Store for $15.00. It’s worth noting that it’s only compatible with Windows platforms and requires a GTX1050ti and above.

If you’re unsure about a purchase, then you can also try the free 20-minute demo to help you get a feel for Enhanced Skyscapes.


  • Fully volumetric clouds
  • Works with any weather injection addons like Active Sky
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