Emerald Scenery Design Bear Island V2 + Open Beta

Emerald Scenery Design has announced on FSDeveloper their next scenery being a V2 of Bear Island. Emerald Scenery Design likes to keep it simple and yet, very immense. This is one of those add on sceneries where you can crank all the sliders to the right and still maintain a very high FPS in your sim. Bear Island V2 is fully packed with details and it consists 99% of custom made objects.

Back in year 2013 another developer developed a pretty basic and small scenery for the abandoned island-airstrip in Crescent City, Florida. Island is known as Bear Island which many simmers enjoyed as their destination.

More about that scenery here

Now about 4 years later that scenery is no longer living up to the developers standard which is why it’s time for a Redux.

Bear Island V2 only has a few weeks of work gone into it but it already looks very promising and it is surely becoming a favorite scenery to fly to again. Optimization of this scenery is taken very seriously by the developer than in the past. For once he is creating multiple LODs for everything reasonable and because of it’s small coverage area we can expect 59 to 60 FPS in the sim (locked at 60). Without the LODs the average is about high 30’s to mid-low 40’s on the FPS.

As stated above, Bear Island V2 uses 99% custom objects (the only default items being animated birds and dolphins). Most of all the custom vegetation has been recolored to match the surrounding 30 cm photo real which has been color matched to FTX Global.

Open Beta available of Bear Island V2 at FSDeveloper

Scenery also comes with a scenery configurator thanks to 29Palms where you can configure tree density, clutter, animals and 3d grass to help with performance. With LODs the developer is trying to make as much unload as possible when not looking at it in the sim which will help with VAS. Scenery also supports SODE for those who use it.

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