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HiFi SimTech aren’t slowing down with making sure their products are given updates based on the community’s feedback. Over the past couple of days, both Active Sky XP (ASXP) and Active Sky for Prepar3D V4 (ASP4) were given updates which brought new fixes and a few new features to the API.

For ASXP, Hifi has adjusted the text for the X-Plane turbulence override to be a little more clear regarding some of the data, fixed issues related to in-sim time and also implemented a minimum X-Plane version check system so that if the software discovers it’s below version 11.26, it will shut down ensuring users don’t experience issues. The full change log is at the bottom of this post.

On the other side, ASP4 has been in open-beta testing for a little while. This new release (B6909) is a official version which adds P3DV4.4 stability, added new API functionality for access things like wind direction, speed and turbulence along with various adjustments to wind sheer positioning, voice ATIS and more.

Both updates are available right now via HiFi’s website.

If you’re reading this before December 23rd 2018, then you can enter to win a free copy of Active Sky XP via our raffle. Otherwise, you can buy it from a range of stores including SimMarket and Just Flight.

ASP4 Full Change Log (B6909)

  • Fixed problem with XGauge display “PRE” button toggle in TOPS mode where display would not properly show echo tops
  • Fixed issue in interlayer aloft interpolation logic that might result in wind direction/speed inconsistencies at airports with elevations near surface/aloft layer boundaries
  • Added new API functionality for accessing ambient wind direction, speed and turbulence
  • Updated API documentation
  • Adjusted wind shear positioning logic for increased dynamics
  • Adjusted voice ATIS/flightwatch feature to include readback of visibility in meters, when METAR originally provided in meters vs. SM
  • Added wx download corruption checksum testing and proper notification/recovery with force to offline mode allowing another attempt without crash/exception or potential future startup errors
  • Added additional handling when wx file is corrupt for any reason
  • Attempted fix for DNS-related issues in rare cases
  • Adjusted Privacy Policy form/handling to prevent download errors from causing inability to continue (will now retry on next session) – Made Accept button more visible – Added 1-minute reminder to press accept button – Adjusted form size
  • Fixed API issue regarding ambient turbulence enum
  • P3D v4 compatibility updates

ASXP Full Change Log (B6927)

  • Adjusted options text for XP turb override to be a litle more clear regarding only surface conditions data, not actual winds experienced, being limited in this mode
  • Fixed discrepancy in voice flightwatch option description regarding com1/com2 use (you can use either radio, as long as it is enabled for listen mode in your intercom)
  • UI improvements during sign-in process to prevent whitespace/trailing characters in some fields
  • Implemented minimum X-Plane version checking (11.26) and warning/shutdown if below minimum version
  • Fixed issue with mode setting when shutting down ASXP and X-Plane is still running
  • Fixed problem with some “steam/normal hybrid” installations causing potential crashing issues
  • Fixed issue related to GMT/local time when using Force to Sim Time option
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