Bought Dovetail’s Flight School? You’ll Get a Free Copy of Flight Sim World

Dovetail revealed their newest simulator Flight Sim World in a video trailer just the other day, showcasing it’s impressive graphics engine and in-sim physics. We have all known about their fully-fledged Sim for a while, but it was nice to put a name to it all.

As we all know, Flight Sim World isn’t the first entry Dovetail has had into flight simulator. With their FSX: Steam Edition hitting PCs for years and their now cancelled Flight School. If course, investors into Flight School were worried what would happen to them.

Thankfully, Dovetail today has confirmed that anyone who previously purchased Flight School will receive a gifted copy of Flight Sim World upon release.

Thanks to how easy Steam is, as soon as Flight Sim World is released into early access, you’ll find it sitting in your inventory ready to download and install.

Price for those waiting to buy it anyway has yet to be revealed.