Drzewiecki Design Releases Washington National for MSFS


Drzewiecki Design is a well-known developer in the community for creating custom airport sceneries and popular landmarks. This time, the team now releases Washington National Airport (KDCA) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Ronald Reagen Washington National Airport is located in Arlington, Virginia, which borders Washington D.C. It mainly hosts U.S. carriers from all over the country. A few miles to the East, Washington Dulles Airport handles larger aircraft, hence all international carriers opt to use Dulles instead. Although Reagan National doesn’t host heavies, it does have frequent B757 activity operated by both American and United Airlines. Furthermore, the National Mall is where most of the iconic monuments are present including, The White House. As a result, strict arrival and departure procedures permit the aircraft a safe passage to stay clear of all nearby prohibited airspace. Out of the many challenging approaches in the U.S., Reagan National ranks amongst the top. One of these challenging approaches is called the River Visual Rwy 19. Next time you’re in the sim, be sure to load up the RNAV to runway 19 and enjoy the ride.

The scenery is the most up-to-date version to be released for MSFS, hence matching the actual airport. The exterior and interior of the main terminal building have been created with extensive detail. You are likely to have a performance-friendly experience during your exploration and still be able to enjoy the extraordinary work that the team has created. In addition, the control tower, hangars, and custom mesh add to this realistic experience.

A fantastic display of lights awaits your arrival. Dynamic lighting inside and outside of the airport light up in an array of realistic airport environment colors. Lastly, highly recommended, but not required, the team at Drzewiecki Design have also released over 1,500 custom buildings, including iconic monuments to enhance your experience. Be sure to check out our review for the Washington Landmarks for MSFS.

You can purchase Drzewiecki Design Washington National Airport from simMarket for $19.08 USD. 


  • High-quality model of KDCA Washington National airport, featuring the up-to-date version with extensive details throughout the whole airport
  • FPS-friendly design, with epic night textures, dynamic lighting, and PBR materials
  • Performance-friendly interior modeling at terminal buildings, control tower, and some hangars, static aircraft, advanced night lighting, custom animations, custom mesh, custom animated jetways
  • Designed to be perfectly compatible with Washington Landmarks MSFS by Drzewiecki Design
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