Drzewiecki Design – Confirms New Version of New York Airports and Seattle Details

After their latest release, Washington X, it wasn’t long before Drzewiecki Design confirmed that they were working on Seattle. Since then only a few images have floated around the internet showing off the harbor area.

Confirmed in an exclusive interview with FSElite by the team, Drzewiecki Design have confirmed the final package will include 3 detailed Boeing fields, 4 seaplane bases, heliports and an extremely detailed downtown area including Flight Simulator’s home: Microsoft Headquarters. They say it will be their “biggest” product to date!

In addition to that, Drzewiecki Design also confirmed that they are working on a brand new and updated version of their New York Airports package. 90% of the package will be brand new to ensure improved performance and visual splendor.

As part of Developer Month you can read the full interview tomorrow from 12:00pm zulu.