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Dreamflight Studios Quito Preview and San José Update


Dreamflight Studios seemed to have dropped off the map these past few months with their Facebook page being devoid of any new posts up until a few months ago. Due to their hiatus, many had assumed that Quito (SEQM) and San José (MROC) were dead and would never see the light of day in our sims. Today, that changes and Dreamflight are back with a quick preview of SEQM and a short statement on MROC!

First off, a quick preview of Quito within Dreamflight’s development software was shared as well as a statement that there will be photos of the scenery within P3D v4 utilizing dynamic lights to come. Now onto San José. This scenery is NOT dead and will come shortly after the release of Quito. Dreamflight also has more unannounced surprises up their sleeves besides San José so stay tuned for that! Lastly, in the comments on their Facebook post, it was confirmed that Dreamflight is working to bring their current airports to P3D v4, with Puerto Plata (MDPP) coming first. That was all that was said for now, and there seem to be exciting times ahead in terms of scenery from Dreamflight! Once we have any additional information we’ll share, but for now I’ll leave you with the provided preview of SEQM. Enjoy!


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