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Dovetail Games Discontinues Flight Sim World

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Dovetail Games has made a shocking announcement to discontinue their Flight Sim World product, with the intention to withdraw it from sale as of May 24th.

Flight Sim World stemmed from Dovetails agreement to purchase some of the rights to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X product back in 2014 after FSX itself was discontinued and the Microsoft Flight Simulator product team disbanded.
Dovetail revamped the codebase and aimed to build a product to appeal to the simming community that FSX left behind. With features gradually added over time, the product was beginning to look like a serious player in the market when an open beta branch was launched in March to include the beginnings of a career mode.

The decision to discontinue Flight Sim World does not come as a light one to the Dovetail team, they said in a statement. The decision comes down to the commercial success of the product so far, making it not viable to continue with development.

Users who currently own Flight Sim World will be able to continue to use the simulator beyond May 24th, however, the product will receive no further updates. Anyone wishing to grab a piece of flight sim history will need to purchase the product prior to May 24th.

Add-ons for FSW will also be removed from sale as of May 24th, but once again, anything already owned will remain in users Steam libraries.

While Flight Sim World was a very small piece of the flight sim hobby, it certainly played an important role in introducing more casual pilots to the hobby. For that reason, it will be missed.

FSElite would like to congratulate the Dovetail Games team on their achievement, despite the sad ending that it now has.

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