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Digital Design Tenerife-South Released


After previewing the scenery just a few hours earlier, Digital Design has released their Tenerife South scenery for P3Dv4 after over 5 months of development. The scenery encompasses the Reina Sofia Airport itself in stunning detail, along with high-resolution scenery for the surrounding area. Examining the feature list, we can expect many of you to be happy to discover SODE jetway support and high-fidelity 3D night lighting.

In addition to SODE, Tenerife South features photorealistic textures on airport buildings, high-resolution ground textures, custom surroundings, a custom high-resolution mesh of the island, and more. A full feature list can be found below for those interested.

Tenerife South can be found on the Simmarket store for €15.50 (exc. tax) and is only compatible with P3D v4 at this time, with no word on a 32-bit version at the time of writing.


  • Detailed airport objects and vehicles
  • Photorealistic textures on the airport buildings
  • High-resolution ground textures
  • Realistic high-resolution vegetation throughout the area
  • Custom surroundings, almost every house and tree in the area.
  • Friendly FPS
  • Custom high-resolution mesh of island
  • High-resolution terrain coverage of the airport and surroundings
  • Realistic 3D night lightning of all island
  • Dynamic lighting including animated vehicles and jetways
  • Highly realistic night time effects with custom 3D runway and taxi lights
  • Animated airport vehicles, cars.
  • Support SODE jetways
  • Support GSX docking system (GSX recommended)
  • Compatibility with any VFR sceneries


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Matthew McColl

The author Matthew McColl

Matthew is from the U.K. and has just finished his last year in college, studying mathematics, chemistry and physics. An avid plane spotter, he often visits Manchester Airport to take as many photographs and he can muster, as well as spending time at his local aerodrome (Manchester Barton). Being an aviation enthusiast, Matthew has been a part of the flight simming community for 7+ years.
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