Development Team Discusses The Future Of Fly The Maddog X

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Leornardo SH, developer of the MaddogX for FSX and P3D, has released a future development update as they get ready to drop Service Pack 1 (SP1) for the plane.

In a post on Facebook, the developer says that the upcoming SP1 update has a long list of changes and the free update will be released for both 64-bit and 32-bit platforms, with the P3D version being released first, followed shortly by the FSX update. The developer notes that SP1 will be released as an open beta (while they ensure that it runs without issues) before being given the status of an official version. It is also noted that SP1 changes so much of the plane that the existing version must be uninstalled before installing the SP1 update. Leonardo SH has promised to include an automatic tool with the load manager to manage existing liveries and backup and restore your FMS routes.

The post went on to say that, with the release of SP1, the development team has resolved all known issues and has achieved the objectives for first phase of the project. This also means that moving forward, development of Fly the Maddog X will focus on P3Dv4 only. While the team will continue to offer support for the 32-bit edition, they feel the platform presents some limitations, and they strongly encourage their customers to move to P3Dv4 as they feel this 64-bit environment ‘is the future for flight simming’.

While there was date given for the release of the SP1 update, the team has promised to release the SP1 changelog in the coming days.

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