Departure Designs Scenery Status Update

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Over on Facebook, Departure Designs shared a status update regarding several of their sceneries.

To begin with, Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (KGSP). This airport received an OSM patch and now includes a ZL17 ortho tile. The patch should be out within one or two days.

Next up is New Orleans (KMSY). The work on the airport itself is done, but there is still some work to be done on the surroundings of the airport. Most notably on the city, the river and the custom SAM jetway that the team wants to include. The timeline for this work is set to one to two weeks, so you can still expect this scenery to be released relatively soon.

Moving on, Bishop International Airport (KFNT) and Baltimore International Airport (KBWI). Both these sceneries will receive updates in the near future. Bishop International Airport will see some buildings around the airport added that the team had previously missed, whereas Baltimore will get a bit more thorough update fixing mesh problems, improved masking and smoothening the mesh out a bit. Timeline, again, one to two weeks.

Last but not least the team wants to remind us that one of their next projects will be St. Thomas Airport (TIST), as well as other unnamed airports. No timeline for these airports was given, and we assume development is still in relatively early stages with the team so busy on all these other updates.

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