DC Scenery Design Releases Cordova Merle K. Smith Airport for XPL

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DC Scenery Design has released their rendition of Cordova (PACV) Merle K. (Mudhole) Smith Airport for X-Plane.

A month after the release of Cordova (PACV) Merle K. (Mudhole) Smith Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, DC Scenery Design has released the same airport for X-Plane. Cordova airport is located on the south coast of the US state of Alaska, just 11 miles from the city of Cordova.

The airport is named after Merle K. Smith who in 1939 became the president of the local Cordova Airlines which made the airport its hub for 34 years and was later acquired by Alaska Airlines in 1968. Cordova airport sees flights from Anchorage, Juneau, Seattle and Yakutat with Alaska Airlines. Along with the 36,000 passengers, the airport handles nearly 3.5 million pounds of cargo each year.

DC Scenery Design has recreated the international airport to include highly detailed models of the airport terminal, hangars and buildings along with custom high definition ground and PBR building textures and custom lighting.

Cordova Merle K. Smith airport for X-Plane is available for purchase from simMarket for €11.52 Ex.VAT. 

Feature List

  • Features highly accurate recreation of Merle K. (Mudhole) Smith Airport
  • Highly detailed models and textures of airport terminal, hangars, buildings and other objects
  • High Detailed ground textures
  • PBR on all objects
  • Custom lights
  • Accurate taxiway, runway and apron
  • High level of airport detail
  • Compatible with Othophotos
  • Vulkan compatible
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