DC Designs Concorde Night Lighting Previews

Dc Designs Concorde Night Lighting P3d (2)

Developer DC Designs has shared a range of new previews of its upcoming Concorde. As described in their recent Facebook post, the team are back on the modelling and texture work with the work coming to an end on that particular section. With that news also came previews of the aircraft at night.

Once the modelling and texture work is complete, DC Designs will continue working on the systems and avionics of the aircraft itself. That then leads up to the work of completing flight testing and all of the associated work with bringing the package altogether. Alongside that, work is underway with the navigation system. As mentioned in the announcement post, DC Designs are working on a way to make this a detailed rendition of Concorde but without the overwhelming feeling of controlling the complex bird. So with regards to the navigation system, the INS will not replicate the functions precisely but instead will function as part of the autopilot system, whilst also displaying positional information in the form of latitude and longitude values. An option GPS system will also be included, but can be hidden for those wishing for a more standard approach.


We will continue to report on the project and keep you updated with any additional details.

You can follow DC Designs on Facebook to stay updated. In related news, DC Designs recently shared new previews for their upcoming Farnborough Airport (EGLF).

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