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Update @ 15:50z 5 July 2018

LatinVFR have reached out to us to also confirm what Drzewiecki Design said. They are also recommending people to not buy from FlightSim Store.

Back in May, we informed the community that Flight Sim Store appeared to have had some major challenges regarding their services. Flight Sim Store were quick to inform people that this was due to the content delivery service that they used. In a post on Facebook, this was their statement:

We tend to pay very little attention to rumours. The main content delivery seed server has required unexpected maintenance. That’s really all there is to it. It is very unfortunate that it is taking so long but we are at the mercy of the service provider.

A few weeks ago, the following message continues to appear in the header of the site:

Please Note: Most files have now been transferred to our new servers. Some files may still be inaccessible so please let us know via our Facebook page.

This message continues to populate the website.

This message appears to have been the same for some time, with very little communication from the owners of the store. According to multiple users, email and support tickets have been left unanswered for some time, with many users still unable to get access to the files that they own.

Drzewiecki Design has now gone on record to inform the community that they will no longer be using Flight Sim Store. Due to in-active staff, no products being updated, and vendors not being paid. It should be noted that products are still available for consumers to purchase and it doesn’t gurantee you will get your files.

In the statement from Drzewiecki Design, they have told their customersnot to purchase any products from FlightSim Store as it seems that people responsible for it are having major problems with managing it and keeping up with their responsibilities.” Furthermore, they also said that other vendors in the store are having the same issue. For those that are a customer of FlightSim Store and own Drzewiecki Design products, you can head to their support forums for more details.

We have contacted various other developers and publishers regarding the situation. Just Flight has so far been the only team to reply and has said:

“For our part communication is slow with them,  wouldn’t say non-existent but getting close.  No current issue financial issues, we’re up to date in terms of payments from them.”

We have also contacted Adrian (owner of FlightSim Store) for a statement. He hasn’t yet replied.

If further developers or Adrian respond, we’ll update the article accordingly.

If any developers or customers who have been impacted by this would like to reach out, please do so via our contact page. We want to have as clear a picture as possible.

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It was the beginning of the end when Orbx pulled out from FSS.

“We tend to pay very little attention to rumours”. LOL…wonder what they do pay attention to.. I didn’t mean to defend the Flightsimstore, I just wanted to make clear that it hasn’t vanished (yet?) and one can still access (at least parts) of one’s purchased files. I wonder myself why it was impossible to them to transfer all the files and, even more so, to give any kind of support to people who were asking for their files.


Transfering files between servers doesn’t take months.

@Malcolm: Well, there must be some kind of server (whether it’s the old one or a new one, I don’t know) because the website is still online and I also could access and download most of my purchased add-on files last night. Some files are not there, though. But that could hint at that their was indeed a transfer to a new server.

If there never was a new server, just that FSS hadn’t been paying their bills and lost access to the old one, and the company rather than winding up continued to take new business without any ability to provide the products, I would imagine Adrian (wherever he is now) could have a visit from the boys in blue. IANAL but methinks trading while insolvent and fraud would be two charges to start with.

Lucky for me all I seem to have lost was my Drzewiecki Design products, JustSim and Cielosim Palo Alto. FSPS has been gracious and allowed me access to updates, but JustSim doesn’t answer my emails either.


Since the flurry of new product announcements from a few days ago there’s been nothing from Flightsim Store. The download links provided for my purchases from 24th June still don’t work.

I tried to phone him today, and just got the message that the voicemail box is full, so he apparently can’t even be bothered listing to phone messages – I assume most are from irate customers.

Here is a post I’ve just put on the Flightsim Store Facebook page:

“I am still waiting for working download links for the products I bought and paid for on 24th June.

When will you provide one?

I rang your phone number today and I again get the message that the mail box is full.

If you can’t be bothered clearing your voice mail box I have to wonder how much committment you have to your business. You’ve completely blown your credibility with me.

I will put a copy of this post up on FSElite.”

In the meantime, all I can say of this “business” is to avoid at all costs!

I requested a file (which could not be downloaded from their store) on their Facebook page last night. I received a message this morning the file is now available. I could download it, so something is happening and someone is still active.

Steven Williamson

I just checked all my purchased download links on FSS, 1/3 do not work – 24 are good, 12 no file found. Unfortunately 2 of the links not working are for Aerosoft airport P3Dv4 updates I needed. Sure hope Andrian gets things sorted out, but I’m sure Aerosoft will take care of me if FSS “officially” goes out of business.

The flight sim community are truly a bunch of whiners.

Not a happy camper

Don’t mind him. He’s like a bad smell that lingers within the sim community. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him post anything that wasn’t derogatory to someone else.

Because people are worried whether they can still access the files and updates they paid for? You have an interesting definition of the word “whiners” apparently.

Can someone please give me an insight that I am lacking of about the developer’s tendency no to support customers who bought their stuff via platforms that go “missing” like this one? To my understanding if I see a product of Developer X on a web store it means they have an agreement. That is why I get a license, a serial or I dont know any kind of authentication of my product. Can a “vendor” sell Developer X’s product without having an agreement with them? If they can how can they authenticate the installation as legit? if they can not why this Developer X has not said anything about it until then?


It isn’t a first time I see it in our community. In past was SimPlanet and another one which I can’t recall the name of. However, FFS is a different story because it was a well known shopping center which existed for many years, not months.

I don’t think one can say that there’s a tendency for developers not “to support customers who bought their stuff via platforms that go “missing”. First because it is not common for webstores to go missing. I think this is a first. And the store simply provides the installers that the developer mailed to the store. The difficulty comes when the store is the one with the information on who bought what from whom. I am not sure that developers keep a list of clients through external simstores. Cheers,

English Fapper

More flight sim drama. I just love this niche community. From the Fslabs wankers planting malware into their customers’ computers, Avsim banning members(including myself) for mentioning this fact and now this. I wonder what the next scandal will be about.

I’ve bought a new Saitek X52 Pro joystick (322$ AUD) since 3 weeks, I still have not received anything and the support is ghost 🙂

I would rather open dispute than contacting Logitech for that, Maxkillers.

There are two reasons for that:

1. FFS should not keep the money if the product is not going to be delivered and to say it frankly, after 3 weeks I don’t believe Twixxiz will get a package he paid for.

2. Postponing it for another few weeks doesn’t make sense if he got no info from FFS so far. Sooner he open dispute, sooner he can get money back and spend it on the product somewhere else.

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

Go to the main developer, see what they can do, they will understand and might send one off their one if the item hasnt been delivered in a few more weeks…

Then open the dispute by payment system u used for this purchase.

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

Well, first thing I’d do as the manager off the site is before I completely ditch and close down is go to other dev sites and ask them to take trasnfer licences for people who have bought stuff from their… What else can you do in this situation…

Wonderful what a bit of publicity can do.

After weeks of MIA there’s suddenly a series of new posts on the FSS Facebook page, advertising new products.

However, I (and plenty of others) have no intention of buying more products from FSS, however new, until we are able to download the ones we’ve already paid for.

I’m glad that I use simmarket for everything and I mean everything, with the exception of all my orbx stuff.

Its disappointing that some of our resellers behave in such an unprofessional manner. Our hobby relies heavily on trust….and the Flight Sim Store is not the first vendor to pull a disappearing act on our community. I am not sure why people think its ok to act like this. Whats more disturbing is that the Flight Sim Store was one of the more reputable resellers out there. Not only are their actions criminal, its sad to say the least. I just hope the consequences of their actions are limited in the damage it causes. Our community is too small to be taken advantage of in this context with it hurting good and honest people.


” Our hobby relies heavily on trust”

” Not only are their actions criminal, its sad to say the least”

” to be taken advantage of in this context with it hurting good and honest people.”

Funny you should say those things, in the recent FSLabs A319 comment section you were virtually bootlicking FSLabs. So your words are just full of fluff and you don’t have any principles to speak of then…

The good thing about that smaller community is that news travels fast within it.

If we got screwed the fact is that there is a very small, maybe even no chance left you are still running a business.

This whole story smells, glad you guys cover it.

reselling and collecting fees for a virtual shop is hard work. LOL….

A sad situation for sure. Like many others I’ve bought many products through them and want to see them continue trading but they aren’t helping themselves at all. Some information would go a long way.

Does anyone know where we’d stand should FSS go under? Considering the current problems I’ve not been able to dowload all my product installers from them. If the they go do we just lose those products?

@Shaheen: Sadly, you can’t count on getting support from the developers if a reseller goes bust. I experienced the same when Simplanet suddenly shut down (apparently the owner of the store hadn’t paid developers, engaged in some other shady business and therefore he even got jailed) last year. Aerosoft, of whom I had bought some products at Simplanet, denied any update support for those products. Luckily, one of their forum admins hinted at their update database where you can still get your updates if you have a valid serial number.

Drzewiecki Design also stated regarding the Simplanet scandal: “BTW: and what if Simmarket suddenly closes? Should we provide thousands of free copies to everyone? We are developers, we are not vendors. Vendors are responsible for sales. If a vendor has cheated on you, you can’t blame developers for that.” (see

Apparently, Drzewiecki has taken a different approach this time, offering support to Flightsimstore customers via the FSPS store. But it shows that apparently, you can only be safe if you buy directly from the developers. And even then, of course, you can be screwed if they should ever go bust themselves.

I don’t think you will lose your purchased products. Developers will probably do some kind of license transfer to other vendors or their own ecommerce similar to what ORBX dis

@Anonymous technically the developer doesn’t owe you anything of course – the agreement is between you and the reseller.

I doubt it. Any developer worth their salt should honor those purchases. But I’d save your purchase records from them should that happen.

RFSB team confirms the situation with the store FlightSim Store ………….

but we allow the possibility of any extreme situation that may happen to a person…….(we mean the owner of the store.)

We hope that the work of the store will resume in the future as before.

In which case you’d expect either the owner or someone else would put up a notice to that effect on the web page.

Sounds like I transferred my Orbx orders just in time last year!! FSS gets paid right away. No excuse for non payment to developers. Infact the company I do work for ceased using FSS for late payments for inexcusable reasons and poor communication. This is why developers are increasingly creating their own ecommerce platforms for purchases and cutting out the whole old school way of dealing with folks like this who take a healthy cut for publishing on the site and even more for installer work and additional support.

Michael Wilkshire

They say on their website to contact them on Facebook concerning any previously purchased downloads, but then they don’t respond when you post there. It appears that we’re going to be out of luck.

I’ve been after them for a couple of weeks (owed $90 worth of downloads). Not just that, they won’t reply to emails and if you try the local and international telephone numbers you get messages saying the mail box is full. If they’re not even clearing the phone mailbox it’s a reasonable conclusion that Elvis has left the building…