CremonaSoft Updates Its A310 to Version 1.4.1

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CremonaSoft has reported on about a new update for their A310. Version 1.4.0 brings several needed changes for their A310 while 1.4.1 released three days later addresses three additional issues.

The 1.4.0 update comes with some significant changes, such as the addition of 3D sounds, added functionality to disconnect the auto-pilot when the stick shaker activates and the addition of flight director pitch protection amongst others. Another important feature is the corrected logic regarding bleed air and its ability to be delivered for engine starts.

1.4.0 Changelog:

  • General improvements that they promise will improve frame-rates
  • Added 3D sounds
  • Added autopilot disconnect upon stick shaker
  • Added GPWS test mode (hold GPWS/GS button for > 5 seconds)
  • Added power bus check for system sounds
  • Added new manipulators for controls and levers
  • Added flight director pitch protection
  • Fixed reversion bug when selecting AP Level Change mode whilst AP Takeoff mode is active
  • Fixed bug upon executing FMC ‘DIR’ command with empty flight plan
  • Fixed bleed air availability logic for starting engines

1.4.1 Changelog:

  • Fixed when the APU is disconnected after cold start Hydraulic power was lost in the flaps.
  • Fixed A magnetic variation issue with the ND map display.
  • FMC CDU scratchpad now clears upon successful data insertion

CremonaSoft’s Airbus 310 is available at for $ 49.95

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