CremonaSoft A310 Released

A310 304 Cs 001

Just a few days ago, CremonaSoft announced the impending arrival of their A310 for X-Plane 10 and 11. Today, the product has become available for sale through the Store.

First flown commercially in 1983, the A310 was one of the first airlines from Airbus. The A310-304 is powered by two General Electric CF6-80C2 engines and despite being close to 40 years old, some of these aircraft are still in use today.

CremonaSoft said in the original product announcement that they had been working hard for some time to bring this aircraft to market as an accurate simulation of the A310, with the feature list including items such as;

  • Accurate, high-quality external models for fuselage, wings, stabilizers and engines
  • Open/close animations for both cockpit windows and all exterior doors
  • Highly detailed 3D cockpit with super-sharp 4K+ textures and 3D lighting
  • Detailed 3D gauges, counters, switches and knobs with animations
  • Crisp 3D cabin
  • Accurate 3D reproduction of all external aircraft lighting
  • Custom electrical system with AC/DC BUS simulation logic
  • Engine start and crank (windmill)
  • Landing gear operation with accurate timings and gear status test
  • Brake ‘Accu Press’ logic simulation
  • General Electric CF6-80C2, with realistic performance and custom engine sound
  • Airbus flight phase logic implementation
  • Flight warning computer implementation, with aural warnings and decision height + altitude callouts (integrated into the flight phase logic)
  • Custom PDF and ND displays with close reproduction of graphical and functional operation
  • Custom ECAM system and displays (warnings display + systems display), with integration into the flight phase logic
  • Independent pilot/co-pilot electronics (in preparation for future shared cockpit operations)
  • And much more

As mentioned, the CremonaSoft A310 is available now from the store for an introductory special price of $49.95 (normally $59.95).

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